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“Working with Hexacta has been an incredibly productive experience. Not only did the Hexacta team rapidly get up to speed with our challenging requirements, but they also delivered an excellent product, in time, and within budget. As a result of a successful initial project, we are now outsourcing to Hexacta most of our software development tasks.”

"A partner for success". Hexacta is a company that provides a customized client-focused service, with professional excelence, and at an affordable cost.

"I would like to emphasize Hexacta's strong commitment to reach the milestones of the project and its capacity and will to conform integrated teams with the client."

"Responsive, business oriented, well-structured and with a good quality at each release, the dedicated Hexacta team has been a good partner to achieve our various goals on this project. Thus, I want to thank everyone in Hexacta who has been involved in this success.”

"The natural gas processing and transportation business demands, among other things, trust and availability of the systems that support the operation."

“Thanks to the team from Hexacta for all of your assistance with this project.  This is a big accomplishment and we are very happy to share it and celebrate it with you.”

"We are very pleased with Hexacta´s performance. Their level of professionalism, technical knowledge and quality of their development teams are remarkable. We can state that we had generated a relationship that we value and allows us to trust them for future developments".

With this development we jumped many barriers and we demonstrated that things that seemed impossible could be done.

Hexacta really understood our Private Banking business and what we needed from them. Because of that, they were creative and flexible. But they were also rigorous to implement a very complex solution without deflections of terms and costs.

In the Databases Synchronization project the main differential was the understanding of our needs. In the Databases Synchronization project the main differential was the understanding of our needs.

48 Ongoing Projects
+400 Critical Thinkers
97% Client Satisfaction Index
+50K Dev Man/Hour-Month


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