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“Thanks to the team from Hexacta for all of your assistance with this project.  This is a big accomplishment and we are very happy to share it and celebrate it with you.”

“Hexacta's philosophy is to integrate teams with their client in each project, and to acquire deep knowledge of their business processes, becoming true technical partners. This was exactly the kind of partner we were seeking. Working with Hexacta has been an excellent experience for everyone involved.”  

"As a differential value of the mentoring done with Hexacta we highlight the understanding of our needs and their experience to help us make the best decisions in a broad and complex area such as development methodologies."

"We are very pleased with Hexacta´s performance. Their level of professionalism, technical knowledge and quality of their development teams are remarkable. We can state that we had generated a relationship that we value and allows us to trust them for future developments".

"Hexacta team showed up relevant Java development skills with a test-driven approach. We were impressed with the communication skills of their team lead, who spent a short time on-site. They held our product owners to high standards by asking for clear acceptance criteria, and their tests provided us with a clear understanding of the state of the product. Overall, they were a pleasure to work with.”

"We are a commercial software developer, so our development requirements are very exacting. We have been very pleased with the quality of the technical staff that have been assigned to our projects. In addition, we have found the Hexacta management team to be first rate."

"Responsive, business oriented, well-structured and with a good quality at each release, the dedicated Hexacta team has been a good partner to achieve our various goals on this project. Thus, I want to thank everyone in Hexacta who has been involved in this success.”

“I have worked with Hexacta on a daily basis for several years now and have been very impressed with the quality of their people, the excellence of their work, and the dedication to their job. I couldn't recommend them more for any development job.”

“Working with Hexacta has been a simple and productive choice. Since the beginning of the project, Hexacta assigned a team that grew along with us in the application development and business understanding. They made the project progress easy, even in the most difficult time, achieving optimal results."

“It has been an excellent experience. Should an opportunity become available to work with Hexacta in the future, I would welcome it!"

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