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“Working with Hexacta has been an incredibly productive experience. Not only did the hexacta team rapidly get up to speed with our challenging requirements, but they also delivered an excellent product, in time, and within budget.”

In the Databases Synchronization project the main differential was the understanding of our needs. In the Databases Synchronization project the main differential was the understanding of our needs.

“Working with Hexacta has been a simple and productive choice. Since the beginning of the project, Hexacta assigned a team that grew along with us in the application development and business understanding. They made the project progress easy, even in the most difficult time, achieving optimal results."

"We are a commercial software developer, so our development requirements are very exacting. We have been very pleased with the quality of the technical staff that have been assigned to our projects. In addition, we have found the Hexacta management team to be first rate."

"I really appreciate the reliability, the hard work, the ability to work with the team in Stamford and Hexacta's technical expertise.”

"Hexacta professionals are among the best suppliers with whom I worked with. Working with Hexacta has been a qualitative ramp up with suppliers. Hexacta´s team stand out by its precise punctuality, high quality work, excellent communication and efficiency. Finally, they went beyond the party agreement and they proposed new changes that added value to the project.”

“Working with Hexacta we found a team that works closely with clients to achieve high quality products, adapting to changing needs and challenges of the business.”

"Hexacta exceeded our expectations by providing us with top-performing professionals that understand and actively participate in our development methodology." 

"As a differential value of the mentoring done with Hexacta we highlight the understanding of our needs and their experience to help us make the best decisions in a broad and complex area such as development methodologies."

"We are very pleased with the work of the team and I think that its contribution was of great value for the project.”

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