Hexacta awarded for being a services exporter

The ExportAR foundation (fundación ExportAR) recognized Hexacta for beign a services exporter in Argentina. The ceremony was held last Wednesday at the San Martin Palace, in the chancery building and was chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Héctor Timerman. Many national authorities and entrepreneurs also participated in the event. The foundation intends to recognize with this award the exporter trajectory of local companies.
“This award is very important for us. Software development is a fairly craft activity that requires of a big intellectual effort. Somehow our raw material is talent, creativity and the excellence of our people. When we export software we are, in a way, showing the world the capabilities of argentinean professionals. This is something that makes us proud and encourages us to stay competitive in a global market that increasingly poses more challenges” said Fabio Gasparri, Partner.

The ExportAR foundation is the trade promotion agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose mission is to foster the growth and diversification of Argentine exports. It gathers the most relevant actors of the argentinean external trade.

The awarded categories were:
“First Export”
“Opening New Markets”
“Incorporation of Innovation and / or value added to the product to export”
“Consolidation and Stay in Foreign Markets”
“Associativism for Export”
“Export Promotion and Culture”
“Exports of other services”
“Process Support Services Exporters”

To select the winners of each category the foundation called to any local company or institution that considered to have done a significant input to the export activity.
To watch a summary of the ceremony click here .

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