Hexacta Labs

This is a new initiative of Hexacta with the aim of contributing to the academic community. Hexacta offers students the possibility of approaching to the software development industry, providing them with technical talks at universities, free of charge courses at our offices and other activities on topics of interest, useful to complement the training received at college.  Moreover, we give support to teachers on the different ways they can apply the content of the courses provided to their subjects.
The courses are aimed at students in 3rd, 4th and 5th year that have not had their first real working experience yet. The idea is to help them enter the market, providing them with theoretical and practical trainings. It is also an opportunity to get to closely know potential candidates to work with.  Human Resources professionals will guide them through their CV preparation, job interviews and career planning.


The June edition will have the following topics:
•    Object-oriented design
•    Design patterns
•    CleanCode / Refactoring
•    Java
•    Technology Stack: Hibernate, Spring, Wicket.

The first course will take place from June 12th to June 28th at Hexacta, in Las Cañitas, Capital Federal. This course has limited capacity. Registrations can be made until June 8th at http://labs.hexacta.com/.


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