Hexacta won the European Seal of e-Excellence award

Buenos Aires, Argentina, February   2013– Hexacta was awarded with the prestigious European Seal of E-Excellence 2013 in the Silver category. The Seal is awarded annually by EMF – The Forum of e-Excellence and its Partner Associations (in which CESSI is a member) – to digital media companies for their innovative products and services, and their excellent marketing practices to promote them.

The  names  of  the  31 Winners  of  the prestigious  European  Seal  of  e-Excellence  were  published today. From April  to December 2012, more  than 100 worldwide  ICT  companies participated  to the  prestigious  and  fine  tuned  the presentation  of  their  innovative  product/service.  A  Jury of investors, entrepreneurs and experts in the ICT field chose the 31 best ones to win a Platinum, Gold or Silver Seal 2013.

Located in Brussels, Belgium, the Forum of e-Excellence, the Seal  is the public recognition for winners that  they’ve  translated  an  innovative  idea  into  a  valuable  and  bankable  product/service that has an excellent track record  in the market. What better place to be rewarded of an ICT prize than the CeBIT,  the world’s  largest and most  international computer expo, held on the Hanover fairground, Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. The  award  ceremony  takes  place  on  the  5th  March  2013  at 4.30PM at the Open Stage of the CeBIT in Hanover, Germany.


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