Windows 8 as a new operating system

With the objective of becoming the world’s most popular operating system, Windows 8 has certain difficulties to achieve its mission. El Cronista published an article on this topic, where Hexacta stated its willingness to go ahead and implement the new system, and shared the knowledge of its experienced professionals when analyzing this change.

Dealing with the progress of new mobile devices, Windows new operating system was created with an appropriate design to adapt to both desk computers and new technologies.  But, why is the adoption of Windows 8 so complex for the business sector?

Eric Delahaye, Technical Manager of Hexacta (the IT consulting firm that grew 25% per year and already has notebooks with Windows 8), shared his opinion in Martín Gavilán’s article in El Cronista. The company –like most of IT industries – pretends to massively integrate the system to its equipment, taking the necessary time to ensure that the software is stable.

In the article, Delahaye affirms that the change to Windows 8 “will be a natural movement”, since almost all applications that worked with the previous system also works with it. However, he also stands out that the new Windows version needs higher power level, causing a necessary investment in hardware. In addition, another weak point to take into account is the absence of enough applications dedicated to the productivity of Metro interface.

In spite the difficulties, Windows 8 seems to be growing step by step and Hexacta wants to be part of this evolution.


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