MUG Conference: ASP.NET Single Page Application

The current Hexacta’s Technical Managers, Eric Delahaye and Juan Emilio Inzaurriaga, were invited to share their experience and knowledge about Microsoft tools with an audience of approximately 50 participants in MUG’s auditorium.

Through this free event, Delahaye and Inzaurraga explained in three hours how to create Single Page Application with ASP.NET MCV that contain a lot of client’s interaction using HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript and assured that using SPA packages provided by .NET it is very simple to star creating highly interactive web applications.

“When we make a web application, we are exposed to be compared with Facebook, Twitter, Mails, etc. Nowadays, almost all applications contemplate the use of AJAX and tend to be RIA (Rich Internet Application)”, said Delahaye.

During the event, Juan Emilio and Eric developed as an example a MVC + MVVM architecture business application, with a template of ASP.NET MVC that uses DurandalJS framework, including most of the most complex tasks that involve developing a SPA site already resolved, such as navigations, modularization of visits, and JavaScript files for the right division of responsibilities, among others.

The Microsoft Users Group (MUG) is a non-profit civil partnership, which core function is to join and represent Microsoft technology community, to promote the exchange of experiences and information through all available media, with the objective of producing the optimization and better use of this technology and its applications.

* Eric Delahaye has more than 15 years of experience in software developing and leadership of software projects. He is Technical Manager in Hexacta. Previously, he was Software Architect in Hexacta, Software Architect / Developer .Net in Advert Mind SA and Software Developer in Avon.

* Juan Emilio Inzaurraga is Technical Manager in Hexacta. Previously, he was Software Architect and Developer Senior in Hexacta. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer – Web Developer 4.

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