Argentina was represented by Juan Navarro at “Smartsourcing” BPO/ITO Forum

The 6th Annual World BPO/ITO Forum “Smartsourcing: Strategies for Success” was an exclusive invitation-only event for C-suite executives and Senior decision-makers from enterprise companies with $1B or more in revenue, currently using BPO/ITO services or interested in evaluating global sourcing opportunities, leadership and new technologies. Juan Navarro, Hexacta’s President, assisted as a speaker representing the company and as the CESSI’s director (Chamber of Software & Informatics Services Enterprises). It was Argentina’s first time in such a significant worldwide event.

More than 250 people assisted to the event in New York, approximately 60 speakers form “Fortune 500”, including the NASA’s CIO, ONU’s CIO and the Federal Government of United States’ ex-CIO –who supervised an $8B budget.

The panel in which Juan Navarro participated discussed about the agile methodology in long distance projects. In this opportunity, Andrew Wasser, Associate Dean of Carnegie-Mellon University, was the coordinator. Navarro stated: “Argentina is in an advantageous position to deliver services using development principles”.

The similar time zone and the capability and flexibility of the Argentinian professionals, enables to minimize the difficulties of offshoring working teams, taking the maximum advantage of the differential costs and talent availability. This results in achieving the same productivity –or even a better one-, in comparison to the ones obtained by local teams. The benefits with respect to other places as Asia or Central Europe are very noticeable, because in those places time difference makes it very difficult to implement agile methodologies.

Introducing ArgenTIna’s alliances

Software development and informatics services industry has experienced an exponential and sustained growth during the last years. The progressive talents’ demand and the low costs they represent are highly attractive to the global market, specially for United States. According to data supplied by CESSI, “45, 1% of foreign revenues, according to revenue coming from different destinations comes from USA”.

Against this backdrop, International Business Network IT “ArgenTIna IT” initiative was born, conducted by CESSI under the Development Plan SSI Sector External Markets.

CESSI defines ArgenTIna IT as a “platform of internationalization which objective is to facilitate the insertion and consolidation of the Argentinian software and informatics services companies in the most attractive global markets”.

This initiative is seeking to give support to the several IT companies that have business or look for new ones with the emerging needs of the American industry. In this way, they provide different alliances between Argentinian companies and establish the base for possible future joint ventures.

Last April, 34 companies signed the internal regulations of the platform, confirming the opening of branch offices in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, USA and Mexico. In this way, Hexacta also committed to participate and collaborate in the growth and development of our country and the international trade, giving its teams the chance to prosper and succeed, showing their talent to the rest of the world.

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