Hexacta created a website to pay traffic tickets

The website developed by SUACI-Maintenance team of Hexacta has radically changed the lives of citizens of Buenos Aires. The team, located in Buenos Aires and Paraná offices, responded effectively to the government´s challenge and created a website to pay traffic tickets online.

The project aimed at reducing face-to-face paperwork in public buildings by 1.5 million. An average of 10 people worked on the project, which was launched in August. In the first month, 1600 voluntary payment of traffic violation tickets were registered.

This site features simplicity in the implementation and is easy to use. Click on “Start online process” and then follow the next four steps: register your ID or patent number, check your existent violation tickets, select the ticket you would like to pay and pay it with your credit card. The payment is made in a few minutes that would otherwise take several hours including trip and waiting time.

La Nación, one of the most recongized Argentinian newspapers, published an article about this novelty, highlighting the platform’s andvantages and the benefits of the future results. The online public comment about the changes show optimism and pleasure towards this new service.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, from Buenos Aires’ government, emphasized that these were the type of initiatives that directly improved the life quality of citizens, giving them more free time and reducing time-consuming paperwork. Thanks to new technologies, Hexacta will continue to collaborate with even more projects with a view to changing the lives of people.

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