Technologies for the Production of Business Applications

Hexacta is well known for its constant contribution to the Education System. One of the knowledge areas in which this contribution materializes is in testing, where Hexacta is a center of excellence in disciplines such as TDD and continuous integration. Lucas Acosta, Project Manager at Hexacta recently presented on these topics at the Santa Fe Regional School of the National Technological University.

Acosta dedicated part of his time to helping the students with the practical application of the theoretical concepts that are taught by university departments. Over the last three years, numerous universities have called on the specialists at Hexacta to provide workshops like this, thus facilitating the initial contact between future IT professionals and the industry and its operations.

Within this framework, the “Technologies for the Production of Business Applications” seminar was held on November 7th. Approximately 20 students attended. They received customized teaching in order to put previously studied topics into practice. Working alongside faculty professors, Lucas Acosta was able to put the concepts studied in class into practice and complement the academic field with active participation from the industry.

Both students and professors alike expressed their satisfaction with the role Hexacta plays in supporting future IT professionals to get a more practical understanding of the subject matters they are taught in school.

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