Infographic: 10 things you must DO in UX UI experience

What do you have to keep in mind when it comes to UX UI experience? Your product must be follow this 10 rules to assure your cliente has a great experience. 

Recently, we published the 7 deadly sins of UX UI experience design and we highlight on the importance that has thinking of user’s experience.

Any technological solution must be designed not only to solve a need or problem in particular, but to offer the user a pleasant experience at all levels. Do not forget that beyond the objective of making an application work and being able to see it properly, it is essential to understand that the user experience design directly impacts your business. (Do not miss: User experience design: It is all about investing in your business).

In order to that, here are 10 things you should consider about UX UI experience.

10 things to avoid on UXUI design infographic


It is important to highlight that, as well as the functional aspect, usability should be considered from right the start of any software development project. Are you looking for a software development company that provides you this type of UX UI solutions?

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