Testing is one of the fundamental steps of software development cycle, it guarantees that the system will work efficiently according to requirement specifications.

Performing testing on time helps minimize cost, project time and risks.
A bug found in the design phase costs ten times less to fix than one identified during construction.

Our testing services save our clients from incurring heavy maintenance costs as well as avoiding the pitfalls that could mean a loss of time and money. With that in mind, we continuously certify our testers and improve our testing processes.

Our services

Hexacta provides different types of testing according to project needs and project phases:


Performance Testing. Test Load, Stress and Volume of your applications. We guarantee scalability, workload suitability and responsiveness. The system is tested with large volumes of information and simulating high levels of concurrency to analyze the behavior of the system and make corrections if necessary.

Functional Testing. Functional Testing is a vital element of testing that works to verify that software application performs and functions according to design specifications.

Usability Testing. Our team focuses on testing how effectively information is organized, structured, and presented to users. We evaluate the system on real users and guarantee the best user experience possible.

Mobile Testing. We test mobile apps across all kinds of devices, operating systems and hardware in order to assure apps will work successfully everywhere.

Web Testing. We test web applications in all kind of browsers, ensuring crossbrowser compatibility.

Testing Automation. Our team focuses automated test, using recording tools as well as script developement. Automation guarantees that the critical path and the core pieces of the system will always function as expected, regardless any new changes.

User Acceptance Test. This type of testing is usually carried out by key users, the test cases are designed from the client’s point of view. Hexacta gives support during this phase and helps clients follow a defined process. Our team can also take part of this role executing UAT cases together with key users.