Infographic: 10 things you must DO in UX/UI experience

Infographic: 10 things you must DO in UX/UI experience

What do you have to keep in mind when it comes to UX/UI experience? Your product must follow this 10 rules to assure your client has a great experience. 

Recently, we published the 7 deadly sins of UX UI experience design and we highlighted the importance of thinking of the user’s experience.

Any technological solution must be designed not only to solve a need or problem in particular but to offer the user a pleasant experience at all levels. Do not forget that beyond the objective of making an application work and being able to see it properly, it is essential to understand that the user experience design directly impacts your business.

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Considering this, here are 10 things you should take into account about UX/UI experience.

  1. Use high contrast: Not all low contrast is bad and if it is used with care, it can contribute to the site’s visual appeal. Avoid the excessive use of both hight and low contrast.
  2.  The right balance between color, size, and space: Color and size draw attention, while spacing helps to manage visual relationships.
  3. Avoid large and fixed headers: Simplicity is key when we talk about user experience. Make headers easy to read and to comprehend.
  4. Use the same function for an action: Consistency is essential for usability. When different functions behave the same way across the application, you can achieve a sense of confidence in the user.
  5. Do not use light or thing fonts: Make them smaller without sacrificing too much of the visual appeal and brand presence.
  6. Offer customization options: Allow the user to choose their own avatars, configurations, displays, etc.
  7. Build your site navigation with a mobile-friendly philosophy:  Consider that the users behind a mobile application have their limitations and distractions while navigation (like a person using the phone on a bus).
  8. Use the right amount of images: Trying to impress the user with too many amazing visual elements can ultimately affect the user’s experience and usability.
  9. Create value with each feature: Everything that you add must have a purpose. Focus on providing added value to the user and avoid using several features in one project.
  10. User’s feedback: The system should always keep users informed about what is going on, giving them appropriate feedback in a reasonable time.

Infographic: 10 things you must DO in UX UI experience

It is important to highlight that, as well as the functional aspect, usability should be considered from right the start of any software development project. Are you looking for a software development company that provides you this type of UX UI solutions?

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