Hexacta, awarded with the “Export Excellence Award”

logoPremioNacionBancoGaliciaHexacta was recognized with the “Award for Export Excellence”, which for the fifth time distinguishes the most innovative Argentinean export-oriented company. This award was organized by La Nación newspaper and Galicia Bank.

70% of the company’s revenue comes from exports of software development and IT consulting services to countries like USA, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, England, Tunisia, Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, among others, which reflects its success in the internationalization of its business.

Fabio Gasparri, Hexacta´s Partner, said “This year many companies attended the ceremony, they were from various industries, most of which were product oriented and just a few, like in our case, services oriented. In a company like ours, beyond the technological innovations and processes, the quality of what we export is, to a great extent, a consequence of the talent and ability of our people. This is why we are extremely pleased to have received this recognition which reflects more than 10 years of sustained efforts focused on improving our quality and exports. This is a daily challenge that helps consolidating our leading position in offshore service offerings from Argentina. “

The “Export Excellence Award” is a recognition to innovation and creativity of exporting companies in their efforts to enter new global markets.

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