Hexacta has been distinguished as one of the “Best Workplaces in Latin America, 2009 edition”

For the sixth consecutive year, the Great Place to Work® Institute recognizes and rewards the top 100 organizations to work for in Latin America. More than 1,300 companies and over 2 million employees in 17 countries of the region participated in this selection.

The list of the Best Workplaces® in Latin America is based on 11 studies conducted in the region. The participants were evaluated in each place with the same basic methodology that combines the results of the Trust Index© employee survey and the Culture Audit© administrative survey. The employees’ opinion is the most important element of the evaluation since the results of their survey provide 2/3 of the total score while the administrative survey, the remaining 1/3.

A Great Place to Work is a place where employees: “Trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with.”

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