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In the edition of November 12, 2010, the renowned argentinean newspaper “La Nacion” wrote an article about the ranking elaborated by the consultant firm Great Place to Work. In this occasion Hexacta was ranked second in their category and first among all IT services companies.

What is the best place to work in Argentina

What company you can go to work every day with a smile? What is the best place to work? The answer is rarely simple, and probably is subject to a number of subjective factors. But there is a ranking that can help.
According to the consulting firm Great Place to Work, which compiles an annual list with a number of voluntary participants, the best companies to work in the private sector are Santander Río, Kimberly-Clark and Movistar. In that order was placed this year the three leaders of a dozen participants, according to the results for companies with more than 1000 employees, published this week.
In the following positions were located Atento Service call center, Sodimac and PepsiCo.

The group of companies from 80 to 250 workers, Electrolux won the first place; Hexacta, computer and technology services second, and Microsoft Argentina remained in third place among 19 ranked.

How this ranking works? The list is prepared for Argentina since 2001, the consultancy is based on a methodology that has three pillars: a survey to employees to measure the level of trust, pride and camaraderie in the place work, a questionnaire sent to the company, which is used for understanding and evaluation of practices, policies and culture of the organization, and comments employee discharged outside the survey, which complements quality.
Only companies from more than 80 employees can participate, with more than two years of operations in the country. And it has the requirement that the survey has to be respond by a minimum of 50% of the companies ‘employees with more than three months and no outsourced staff.

la nacion - cual es el mejor lugar para trabajar

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