The Difficult Art of Measuring the Performance – El Cronista

In the May edition the leading Argentinean newspaper “El Cronista“, featured an article about the difficult relationship between the supervisors and employees and how this relationship can set expectations of growth and promotion on the employee´s career and how to use this to enhance the implementation of organizational objectives.

Diego Vigliarolo, head of the HR department at Hexacta was interview an comment on this matter.
In our point of view, tech companies have a large percentage of employees in the Y generation and their value the constant feedback of the supervisors. Our company, Hexacta was founded in 2000 and we are more than 200 people with the average age of employees of 25 years old. Throughout the years our people go through various projects and after each project we evaluate their performance, the team work and the relationship with the client and other capabilities, such as commitment, creativity and leadership,p so we can detect problems with the employee´s performance earlier

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