Hexacta Keeps growing and exporting to non-traditional destinations

The Latin-American company specializes in consulting and software development continues to grow and develop non-traditional markets for its technology services. In the first quarter of 2011 added to its list of exports destinations Ghana, New Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

Buenos Aires, April 2011. – Hexacta, the Argentinean company specialized in consulting and software development, was hired by the French multinational Bolloré, for the implementation of technological developments for its logistics service network in Africa.Hexacta works for Bolloré since October 2008 on two specific projects. These software projects have already been exported to 10 different countries, including Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, Ghana, France, Madagascar, Nigeria and Tanzania, and in the first quarter of 2011 added another 3 non-traditional countries for Argentinean technology exports. These new markets are Ghana, New Guinea and Sierra Leone. In addition, it will soon begin exporting these software applications to the Central African Republic.

Hexacta invested over 80,000 hours of manpower in a team of average 25 engineers. The technology used for these projects were NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server and reporting services with Agile.


Juan Navarro, Founding Partner of Hexacta comment about it: “Due to a successful job references to other French companies, Bolloré contacted us to implement these solutions in its Africa logistics division. These are non-traditional markets with great potential for our services. Hexacta not only exports to major global places like the U.S. and Europe but also to non-traditional locations and this is a major challenge for the company. I think these new markets help us reinforce our leading position in offshore services offer to multiple destinations. ”

Bolloré is a French holding founded in 1822. The Group covers different industries such as multimedia, communications, transportation and logistics among others. Bolloré Africa Logistics has over 50 years and it is present in 41 African countries. It is a major player in port activity as well as ground transportation and logistics solutions “tailored” to its customers.

Hexacta, is a leading IT Consulting and Software Development in Latin America, with a strong presence in foreign markets. Focuses on the export of world-class services and compliance with global standards. It is a CMMI-Level 3, and a pioneer in the incorporation of new methodologies in the software development process.

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