Argentina Outsourcing Competitiveness in Nut-shell

I came across a very good website called “Sourcingline” that provides data, tools and directories and reviews

I came across a very good website called “Sourcingline” that provides data, tools and directories and reviews on global outsourcing providers. I found useful information about outsourcing locations especially regarding the country competitiveness.
Argentina is ranked number 11 in the global locations´ cost competitiveness and the country has the second largest IT market in Latin America. Also it has the largest number of  bilingual agents serving clients in the US. and European markets.
Furthermore, the site presents detailed data about the IT outsourcing competitiveness of Argentina. As an example, according to SourcingLine and PayScale, in 2010 an Argentinean software engineer wage was around 19.1 % of an US engineer. In other words, for every US in-house resource you can have nearly 5 in Argentina.

It sounds like a no-brainer to me, but of course there are many other reasons why to outsource software development than just the cost, don´t you think?


Getting into more details, the cost for a Senior Software Engineer in Argentina would be around 21% of the cost in USA and for anIT project Manager the ratio is around 32.5%. In addition, when these percentages are compared with other Latin American software development locations the difference is even more favorable to Argentina.
For example, a Senior Software Engineer salary´s in Chile represents 37.4% of the US-based resource;  the same profile in Mexico is 36% of US and in Brazil 48.9% of the US.

When choosing a software outsourcing location, a lot of factors are taken into account and many variables have to be considered. At Hexacta, we can guide you through the process and help you to serve your best interests.

So here there are some of the facts that might interest you:
These are some of the country´s insights that may help you better understand better this competitive location.
Argentina has 42 million inhabitants with a gross national income (PPP) of USD $14,090. Brazil has a gross national income (PPP) of USD $10,200. The country´s software market is worth more than USD $420 million.
Argentina is a tech-hub region that has attracted many global IT companies like HP, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Teletech, Motorola, Sony, America Online and Google.
Another interesting factor is that public universities are free and open to anyone. Argentina has the largest number of university students in Latin America, ranking eighth globally.

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