Telecom Industry, Global Economic Melt-down Proved

This industry covers land lines, mobile phones, broadband Internet connections and a whole host of services accessed

This industry covers land lines, mobile phones, broadband Internet connections and a whole host of services accessed through the net among others. It is a Global market worth of 1,400 billion USD.
The top 5 telecom companies worldwide by the number of subscribers are China Mobile (522millions), Vodafone Group (333millions), Telefonica (202millions) and AmericaMovil (201millions), most of them have considerably increased their stocks value in the NYSE index in the last 5 years.

A cultural shift to a virtual all-day-long connected society, industry innovation and new technologies fueled by growth in emerging economies have made this industry economic-tsunamis proved.
Many Latin-American software development companies are riding the wave by focusing their expertise in telecom´s software niches. Especially those in the mobile space are seen their services demand rising into the sky.
Some worth-sharing remarkable facts and insights found on the ITU website “The Word in 2010” free report named “The rise of 3G” are:

By the end of 2010, there will be an estimated 5.3 billion mobile cellular subscriptions worldwide, including 940 million subscriptions to 3G services.
– Access to mobile networks is now available to 90% of the world population and 80% of the population living in rural areas.
– People are moving rapidly from 2G to 3G platforms, in both developed and developing countries. In 2010, 143 countries were offering 3G services commercially, compared to 95 in 2007.
– Towards 4G: a number of countries have started to offer services at even higher broadband speeds, moving to next generation wireless platforms.
– Mobile cellular growth is slowing worldwide. In developed countries, the mobile market is reaching saturation levels with on average 116 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants at the end of 2010 and a marginal growth of 1.6% from 2009-2010.
– At the same time, the developing world is increasing its share of mobile subscriptions from 53% of total mobile subscriptions at the end of 2005 to 73% at the end of 2010.
– In the developing world, mobile cellular penetration rates will reach 68% at the end of 2010 – mainly driven by the Asia and Pacific region. India and China alone are expected to add over 300 million mobile subscriptions in 2010.
– The total number of SMS sent globally tripled between 2007 and 2010, from an estimated 1.8 trillion to a staggering 6.1 trillion. In other words, close to 200 000 text messages are sent every second.
– In 2010, the number of Internet users will surpass the two billion mark, of which 1.2 billion will be in developing countries.
– Fixed (wired) broadband prices dropped by 42% between 2008 and 2009 but there are huge differences among countries when it comes to the affordability of broadband. This has significant implications for the uptake of ICT services, which is much higher for lower-cost mobile cellular compared to higher-priced fixed broadband.

By Ricardo Farias

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