2021 in Review: Our Top 12 Most Popular Blog Posts

2021 in Review: Our Top 12 Most Popular Blog Posts

Looking for some interesting reading? Take a moment to revisit some of the stand-out posts we enjoyed this year in our top twelve blog posts of 2021.

2021 in Review Our Top 12 Most Popular Blog Posts 5

As this challenging year comes to an end, it’s time for all of us to look back at what we’ve accomplished. For that reason, we decided to pick our most-read blog posts for the year written by our experienced project managers.

We hope you find these articles insightful! Now let’s dive into the blog posts that received the highest attention in 2021:

1. Infographic: Key Roles & Responsibilities In A Software Development Team

Apart from developers, a software development project involves other roles in order to succeed. To realize the main roles and responsibilities that are typically part of a software development project, we decided to go a bit deeper into that and explore what each professional does. Here we list the key roles & responsibilities in a software development team. Read more.

2. 5 Agile Trends That Will Lead The Near Future

As companies evolve, so does the world of agile methodologies. Take a look at the biggest upcoming Agile trends that will lead the near future. Read more.

3. What Is Domain Driven Design And Why Is It So Important?

Domain driven design is about optimizing a team’s knowledge and understanding of the domain it works in. Find out what DDD is and why it is so important. Read more.

4. Facts About Blockchain: 8 Common Myths Vs. Reality

There are some facts about blockchain that are mostly ignored. Here, we debunk some common myths and misconceptions about this technology. Read more.

5. 6 Techniques To Improve Software Development

Find out 6 techniques to improve the software development process that will help your company get great results and boost your team’s management. Read more.

6. How To Successfully Implement Changes

It’s not always easy to initiate change in an organization. That’s why here we give some useful tips and explain how to implement changes successfully. Read more.

7. Technological Obsolescence Projects: Migration Or Reengineering?

Technological obsolescence can bring several problems within an organization. In that case, implementing transformation projects such as migration or reengineering are two kinds of solutions. Which one is best? Discover it here. Read more.

8. The Most Popular Development Platforms Based On Javascript

Do you want to know about the different options for JavaScript frameworks, libraries, and environments for modern platforms that can help you develop scalable and unique apps? Here is an overview. Read more.

9. What Is Continuous Improvement? The Need For It In Agile

Embracing a mindset of continuous improvement in Agile development helps improve your team’s productivity and be more innovative. Let’s take a look at what is continuous improvement in Agile. Read more.

10. What Is .Net Core And Why Is It Important?

.Net Core is an open-source software framework that offers a wide range of advantages. Check out the main features that make it a valuable option when developing solutions. Read more.

11. Build Your Data Team

Every organization wants a data analytics team that delivers good results. Learn here what roles to hire for your company project and how to structure a winning data team. Read more.

12. How A Business Analyst Can Collaborate From Abroad

Need someone who can get your business on track for success? Take a look at how a business analyst can help you deliver optimum results—even if the analyst is working abroad. Read more.

We hope you enjoyed the review of our most popular blog posts in 2021! 

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