5 Competitive Advantages of Software Development from Argentina

5 Competitive Advantages of Software Development from Argentina

Need to outsource a software development project? Here are five advantages that will convince you to hire software development in Argentina. Take a look!

5 Competitive Advantages of Software Development from Argentina 2

In recent years, Argentina has built a software industry that is significant and sustainable.

Currently, IT is one of the sectors of the economy that shows higher levels of dynamism and, therefore, is regarded by the government as an actor of strategic importance for the development of the country as a whole.
If you are thinking of hiring software development services, here we explore some of the main reasons why outsourcing to Argentina is the right option.

1- Argentine talent

Argentina has no shortage of talented individuals to handle the increasing IT needs of the industry. In fact, the number of students that follow IT-related studies is increasing more and more. The government has a lot to do with this since, through different incentives, they have encouraged more and more people to complete their studies in the software field.

According to a new international ranking of universities, 12 Argentine universities ranked among the top 100 in Latin America. In other words, Argentina is globally known for the quality of education and excellence of its professionals, which are increasingly in demand in the market.

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2- Government incentives

5 Competitive Advantages of Software Development from Argentina 4

In the last years, Argentina has expanded benefits to its tech sector in an effort to boost foreign investment and exports and support this growing industry.

In the first place, in 2020, “The Knowledge Economy Law” was sanctioned, which provided tax incentives to companies in the sector to encourage their growth and investment in Argentina.

The Argentine government has also launched the second stage of “Argentina Programa” this year, a plan to train programmers to have equal access to jobs in the software sector.

The program plans to train 60,000 young people by the end of the year to generate quality jobs in a sector of the economy that in 2019 generated 6.037 million dollars in exports and managed to position itself as the third export pole.

3- Argentine startups that are making it big

Argentina is a country in which great startups have been born, today becoming one of the largest companies in the country.

An example of this is Ualá, a neo-banking fintech app that many Argentines turned to in 2020. In the first month of quarantine, the company saw a two-fold increase in issued cards. The last funding they received was $150M in 2019.

Another example is MercadoLibre, founded in Argentina in 1999 as an online consumer-to-consumer marketplace. During the covid pandemic of 2020, Mercadolibre came out as one of the biggest winners, experiencing growth of more than 100% in their volume of transactions and becoming the biggest company in all Latin America.

4- English skills

5 Competitive Advantages of Software Development from Argentina 1

Another key benefit to outsourcing to Argentina is its proficiency in Englishwhich is the highest in all of Latin America, beating countries such as Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam, and India. Contrary to other parts of the world, Argentine developers often have a good handle on the language, making communication smoother and more efficient.

Communication is a critical factor, but it is often overlooked in project success. That is why finding an outsource partner who can understand your language and communicate with you easily can help you understand the business objectives.

 5- Similar time zones

If you are thinking about hiring a software development partner, it is really important to evaluate the geographical location factor. A huge time difference can make communications much more difficult and create delays.

For the US, Europe, and the rest of Latin America, Argentina offers a great time zone for sharing work time with their customers, thereby providing better communication and follow up.

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Final Thoughts    

Nowadays, markets and industries are growing increasingly competitive, and there are many options to choose from if a company wants to try outsourcing. However, outsourcing software development to Argentina emerges as one of the top choices because of several factors we have mentioned that make it compatible with US-based companies.

So if you are thinking of outsourcing software development, you already know where to look!    

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