5 key advantages of hiring a generalist software development company

5 key advantages of hiring a generalist software development company

When your business needs a technological solution, you have to decide whether to hire a generalist software development company or a domain specialist. See the advantages you will get if you choose the former.

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It is evident that traditional off-the-shelf software solutions are being replaced by tailor-made developments that adapt to the specific needs of a business, ensuring the optimization of resources and increase of productivity and competitiveness.

So, the question is: Why is hiring a generalist software development company the most convenient option for a tailor-made solution? Here are 5 keys to keep in mind:

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1. Knowledge of several industries

Even if a software development company has experience in a particular industry it doesn’t mean that they always get good results.

Each industry has different problems and complexities, so the solutions also vary. A generalist company like Hexacta has experience in different industries (as diverse as the financial sector, logistics, or retail, to mention only a few) which allows it to understand the complexities and particularities of each one of them.

2. Ability to understand the business and provide alternative solutions

One of the most important aspects of being a generalist type company is the ability to see the overlap between different aspects of the business and understand each problem, regardless of its complexity, to provide particular solutions to each need. Meaning, they can provide the client with different technological alternatives to solve a problem.

Also, working with Agile methodologies, all the roles -from functional managers to designers and developers – have the ability not only to find a precise technological solution but also to communicate and understand the needs and particularities of each client.

3. Value added

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Because of the expertise in different fields and industries, a generalist software company is not limited in the possibilities of solution. Due to its greater background gained by solving and ample array of problems, it can enrich a development by bringing to the table what has been learned with clients of this and other industries.

These types of companies don’t seek to adapt your company to a single solution, instead, they seek the most efficient and adequate way to achieve your objectives, taking into account that a technological solution must be integrated with other systems and interact with different users.

4. Innovation is the main concern

Innovation in the world of software development and technology is an aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Software developers need to be familiar with the latest technologies, methodologies, languages ​​and new forms of collaboration, not only to respond to the client with the best quality product possible but also to be able to quickly evaluate the best technology to use in a development project.

Generalist software companies encourage continuous training, motivating work teams to learn new skills and technologies to seek excellence in their services.

5. a Generalist software company is a specialist too

One of the great advantages of hiring a generalist technology provider is that it has the ability to work and master more than one technique. They have qualified and trained personnel in different tools, methodologies, languages ​​, or frameworks, which ends up turning them into specialists in their trade: software development.

Scott Ambler, a software engineer, consultant, and Canadian author, expert on the Disciplined Agile Delivery process decision framework, uses the term Generalizing Specialists in one of his essays to describe those who have more than one technical specialty and are constantly searching to acquire new tools, among other characteristics. “Generalizing specialists are often referred to as craftspeople, ‘T-skilled‘ people, and multi-disciplinary developers, cross-functional developers, deep generalists, polymaths, versatilists, or even ‘renaissance developers’”, says Ambler.

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To sum up

Unlike what you might think about being a generalist (knowing a lot of things at a basic level), a software company provider of this type understands that each customer is unique and therefore needs to be provided with versatile and technologically up to date solution alternatives that fit every need.

Hiring this type of technology provider means hiring experience, knowledge, and innovation, without leaving aside the specialist profile of the work teams.

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