5 reasons to invest in good UX/UI design

5 reasons to invest in good UX/UI design

A proper UX/UI design can dramatically change the face of a business and produce a major return on investment, but this is not the only benefit. Learn here 5 reasons why you should invest in good UX/UI design.

5 reasons to invest in good UXUIAs more of life’s daily interactions with businesses move online, it has never been more important to give users a great digital experience. Most expect a seamless experience that is optimized to give them what they are looking for, no matter what channel they are using. A frictionless digital experience across all channels is the foundation of doing business in the digital era, not just an end goal.

Comprehending why visitors frequent a website, use a platform, or engage on any other channel gives a business an advantage while, at the same time, offers benefits to the user as well. Digital experiences that help users engage and make their transactions smoothly and products that are enjoyable to use are not just a nice idea – they are the essential building blocks of a successful business model.

Thinking about this scenario and how users behave when they interact with their brands, here are 5 good reasons to invest in good UX/UI design.

1. Good UX/UI makes happy users

In the world of online reviews, which is the reality for most businesses these days, positive reviews can make a direct impact on the sales of your product or service and the growth of your business. When your product, your online shopping experience, or any other manifestation of UX and UI are misaligned with users’ expectations, you are less likely to get those much-needed positive reviews. Providing your users/visitors with good experiences encourages them to tell others about their experience and, in so doing, they become your best salespeople.

2. Lower development costs

5 reasons to invest in good UXUI. Why invest in UX design services

Not only is good UX important, but so is proper UX design. That is, allocating the proper resources during the research phase of development to UX can help save money later on when you are further along your development roadmap. This means getting a prototype out in front of real users and then studying how they react to it.

You will either be validating the design choices that you made or you will be discovering flaws that need to be corrected – better to find them early on than later because it costs more to fix a problem during prototyping than it does after development.

3. Fewer support tickets

Having a good User Interface generally means, among other things, that a product has good usability.

If it is the website, good UI means visitors can find important information easily because it is intuitively designed. Imagine when the opposite is the case: upon landing at a website they seek vital information but cannot find it, visitors will either a) leave and seek what they need elsewhere or b) call, file a support ticket, or send an email.

If the product is an application, users who cannot find what they are looking for will call support or file a ticket. That puts more burden on your support services, requiring more time, money, and staff hours than would have been necessary if UI was sufficient in the first place.

4. Better conversion rates

Having a good User Interface increases opportunities for converting visitors. By creating better scenarios for deeper engagement, UI designers are facilitating users’ navigation through the site’s content in a way that coaxes them toward desired outcomes. Good UI means the website or the product is alleviating problems – whether by providing menus, buttons, and other elements of interaction – or by providing features that make it easy to accomplish certain tasks.

5 reasons to invest in good UXUI. Why invest in UX design services

These days, UI design usually entails some personalization. Users have come to expect it. When you employ personalization to create a better interface, you are helping the user be more productive which, if all goes well in the world of conversion, means that they are that much closer to conversion.

UX design entails making your website or your product operate in a way that users expect, allowing for a seamless experience. When their expectations are met, the path to conversion is smoother, with fewer obstacles in the way of the users achieving their goals.

Meeting expectations is based on research. Through UI and UX research, developers will get a deeper understanding of what they need to do to make a seamless experience. In the meantime, they also develop a deeper understanding of who their customers are and, in so doing, are better able to provide better alignment with the users. The more your product or website aligns with the needs and desires of your users, the better your conversions will be. It is why one goal is always to be evolving toward a deeper understanding of the user, continually finding ways to customize and personalize the content toward even greater alignment.

5. More customer trust

When visitors land on your website or use your application, there are only a few seconds where you have the chance to make an initial impact. The influence you make during that first flash is crucial. If UX is good, you have the opportunity to quickly gain trust. There is no underestimating the value of trust in the customer experience, which begins the moment a user interacts with your product.

People prefer to work with brands that they like but trust is something that is required. A seamless digital experience with good UX and UI also increases brand recognition, something that also contributes to more customer trust. Finally, brand trust and brand recognition are key elements of customer loyalty or, if you are focusing on apps, user retention.

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To Sum Up

Good UX design and UI are critical aspects of any digital product, whether it be your website, your mobile app, or your enterprise employee software. One payoff we have not mentioned, but which is a part of every reason to invest in good UX/UI, is reduced complexity for the user.

Simplification for the user is the most fundamental mission that designers can have – in essence, they are making lives easier with good UX and UI. With that credo in mind, there is no limit to the ways good UX and UI can help evolve the digital experience.

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