5 symptoms your business needs software development

5 symptoms your business needs software development

How do you know if your business needs software development to accelerate growth in your business? The following are some important signs that will tell you that now is the moment to think about it!

5 symptoms your business needs software development

Globalization comes together with many technological improvements that result in the need for companies to expand their commercial flow and start thinking worldwide. This growth comes together with a rise in the amount of data that should be administered, which results in the need to successfully manage all that information that is continuously growing.

In order to join this changing and globalized context, many companies have been aware of the importance of involving technology within their own processes to ensure better management. But, how do you know if it is time to think about software development to accelerate growth in your business?

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Thinking about this, here are some signs that show that your business needs now software development. If you are suffering these symptoms, you should consider thinking of making a change:

1. You start experiencing disorganization combined with low efficiency and miscommunication-related issues

5 symptoms your business needs software development

The growth of your company requires an increasing organizational effort, and current methods for capturing the data and extracting the information you need are complicating effective management of the company.

Furthermore, you start noticing poor communication between workers and other managers that lead to delays and missed deadlines. In fact, you may have assumed a leadership role, delegating to others the responsibility of making some decisions, but they depend on disparate and disconnected information systems that make it difficult for them to understand the whole picture.

Since such data incrementally require more effort to maintain and are not integrated to each other (you perhaps have data spread out in many databases, spreadsheets, word docs, etc.), the lack of an integrated business process management software is restricting your business from reaching its potential growth.

2. The company has gained customers and/or has increased its employees


No matter whether the increase of people is inside the corporation (employee) or outside (clients), the more people there are to serve and supervise, the more information there will be that must be organized and maintained.

If you could use technology to transform it into information, you could better understand your finances and use it to make strategic decisions. At the same time, you can rely on that financial information to measure the company’s current performance against its strategic objectives.

The less data you have access to, the less you know about the current state and opportunities of your company. A business process management software addresses this challenge by providing visibility into all financial transactions. With that, you can have evidence of the financial health of the company at any time and for any area.

3. Your supply chain has many bottlenecks

Related to symptom number 1, this is a clear sign your business needs software development, and it is the result of not having an appropriate system that allows the different areas or teams to be in constant communication and aligned with the status of the processes and the fulfillment of the objectives. These bottlenecks created by this situation end up in the loss of important opportunities and lower customer satisfaction.

5 symptoms your business needs software development

A customer experience that is not fully satisfied is an open door for your competition. If you have noticed low satisfaction rates, a higher volume of complaints, or poor responses to customer surveys, it is time to start thinking about having a software solution that could provide you with a targeted approach to customer experience management.

Additionally, if you want to make sure you meet your customers’ expectations and needs, you will have to heavily rely on your supply chain, and bottlenecks can slow down the entire process and can put the fulfillment of orders at risk. One of the best methods to identify bottlenecks is to understand the causes to be able to prevent them.

The implementation of a business process management software gives you the possibility to incorporate supply chain management operations. Optimum management of your supply chain requires an ERP system to properly guide all your decisions.

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4. Your small business is turning into a medium business

5 symptoms your business needs software development

Growth is definitely a good thing, but can you manage it effectively without affecting the quality of your products and services? The answer can be easily found in business process management software.

A technology platform of this type can provide you with a robust quality control system that will give you and your managers the security to ensure the quality your customers are demanding, comply with government regulations, keep audit records, evaluate the quality of the suppliers, etc. Moreover, as you weigh the pros and cons of adopting software development, it is important to consider the potential risks of manual sales and marketing workflows.

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5. Your company will expand to a larger location

With a larger location, or with multiple locations, you have more data to record and manage to ensure efficient operations. That requires a fully visible information system that records the exact location of each thing at any time.

This is essential for all the key people in your team. Business management software provides this complete integration and gives you the possibility to have all inventory movements updated in real time, so all your staff will have access to the latest information available. When decisions depend on this information, you cannot afford to be uninformed.

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To Sum Up

5 symptoms your business needs software development

Does your business need a software development? If you find yourself reflecting on some of the mentioned symptoms, it may be time to start thinking about adopting a software solution that allows you to run a healthier business.

It is true that new software requires an investment of time and money. You might need to upgrade your hardware to be able to support it, and for sure you will need to take some time to train your people, too. However, in the long term you will realize that you will start saving time and money by improving your employee and customer satisfaction.

Pretty soon, everyone is going to be using software to cut down on delays and boost overall efficiency, and those who refuse to get with the times might be risking their own business.

Are you still doubting if your business needs a software development solution?

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