6 Reasons to Start Outsourcing Software Development

6 Reasons to Start Outsourcing Software Development

Need a smarter approach to software development? It’s time to outsource! Here’s why outsourcing software development is a great choice for many companies.

6 Reasons to Start Outsourcing Software Development As we continue to trudge through the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses face a critical question: How do we connect with our customers? It’s not just reaching customers. It’s about keeping them, regardless of where the pandemic takes us next.

With life lived online and 16 million people working remotely for the first time, technology is the answer for many. But first, you have to build it.

The good news is that the infrastructure already exists  — just not in your business. The global market for outsourcing was worth $92.5 billion in 2019, and 37% of small businesses use outsourcing to handle at least one of their business processes.

Is it time to outsource? Here are 6 reasons to start outsourcing software development.

1. Focus on Your Core Business

What if we said that outsourcing actually allows you to focus inward? In fact, 57% of businesses rely on outsourcing so that they can focus on their core business.

Focusing on your core business is one of the most fundamental business lessons in the books. Those that stay focused on their core business strengthen their central functions over time. Those that get distracted waste resources and wither.

And listen, we get it. It’s easy to focus on the narrative of outsourcing as sending resources outside the business. In reality, outsourcing is like going to a mechanic to get your car fixed. Instead of wasting resources on efforts that don’t work, you can focus on what you’re good at and let an expert handle what you’re not good at.

In the business world, outsourcing allows you to focus on delivering results to your customers. As every business knows, that’s a worthwhile investment.

2. Access to the Best Talent and Innovations

6 Reasons to Start Outsourcing Software Development How much does an employee cost your business? If you’re hiring a new one, the rule of thumb is that it costs 1.25 to 1.4 times the employee’s salary, depending on certain variables. You have to pay for HR, recruiting, job listings, employment testing, and training, to name a few,  plus the time required to find that talent.

If you’re trying to hire the best in the business, the costs are even higher.

You shouldn’t have to make a choice between the best talent for the job and software you can afford. With outsourced software development, you don’t have to. Your outsourcing partner handles hiring for you. That way, you get ready-made access to the best talent in the business, without the time or investment.

Better still, your outsourcing partner knows exactly what they’re looking for in an expert. Since they specialize in these services, they already know how to identify the right candidate for the job. You might know a lot about running a business and nothing about software development. With an outsourced partner, you already know you have the best people for the job.

3. Accelerated Development

When you hire a software development team, you’re responsible for everything they do. You have to prepare, train, and adapt them for each new project placed in front of them on top of the time required to figure out what you want from the project. With an outsourced team, there’s no time wasted.

Outsourced software teams specialize in dropping into a new project and hitting the ground running. After all, they get paid based on customer satisfaction, which includes their efficacy in delivering the product on the agreed-upon timeline. That means that when you sit down for a meeting, they’re ready for action.

In the long run, that means no more wasted meetings, no more back-and-forths while you figure out what you actually want. Instead, you can get down to business, 24/7/365.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Cost-cutting is the most common reason for outsourcing, regardless of business size.

For one thing, software developer rates are much better outside the US. A software developer’s salary in Latin America is up to five times lower than an equally qualified US developer. And remember, if you get an equally qualified developer, it’s not just about paying less in salary — you get a far better cost-to-quality ratio.

For another, when you outsource teams, you don’t need to pay for their onboarding, training, insurance, or taxes. Your outsourced partner handles that for you. All that you pay for is the project cycle.

5. Flexibility

6 Reasons to Start Outsourcing Software Development In today’s business world, adaptability is everything. Here’s the problem  — while an in-house team gives you maximum control, they’re not very agile. Outsourced software teams are a different story.

An outsourced team is solely focused on your project, which gives them maximum freedom to figure out the best solutions. Then, when they’re done, you can keep going on a project basis or close out the project. That way, your core teams can focus on their mission-critical tasks, like communicating with customers or maintaining your business infrastructure, and you can scale up or scale down with ease.

6. Meet (and Exceed) Customer Expectations

Above all, outsourcing software development allows you to meet (and exceed) your customers’ expectations.

Remember, the customers of today are tech-savvy. They want a rich, intuitive experience with easy navigation, personalization, and simplicity. But if you want to bring all of those demands together, you need expert software developers to deliver functionality.

Additionally,  while many business owners argue that they hired their team because they can satisfy customers, keep in mind that it’s not always in their control. Peak workloads come crashing in. They find themselves in a project outside of their depth. They have more simultaneous projects than originally expected.

With an outsourced software team, you get focus. Your in-house team can focus on your customers, and your outsourced team can focus on customer experience. Between the two of them, the customer reaps the benefits,  and your bottom line thrives.

Ready to Start Outsourcing Software Development?

Isn’t it time to take a smarter approach to outsourcing software development?

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