A mobile app to self-diagnosis of Coronavirus symptoms

A mobile app to self-diagnosis of Coronavirus symptoms

  • Along with Hexacta, seven other companies participated in the design and development of this software project.
  • The new app aims to help the current situation that Argentina is facing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Users can also submit the required documentation to circulate in the streets.
  • A team of 11 people from Hexacta, among them developers, UX designers, and business analysts participated in the initiative.
  • The project was led by the Secretariat of Public Innovation of the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation, along with the Ministry of Health, the Coronavirus Unit of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of the Interior and Migration.

Buenos Aires, April 27, 2020 – Hexacta.   A new technological development that allows for better control of the situation that Argentineans are living regarding Covid-19 is now available to all citizens. This is the “Cuidar Covid-19” mobile app, which incorporates tools and functions to optimize the epidemiological control provided by the health authorities of Argentina.

A mobile app to self-diagnosis of Coronavirus symptoms is available in Argentina3

In the new app, users can do a self-diagnose of Coronavirus symptoms by answering a quick guide of questions associated with possible symptoms of the disease. A few seconds later, they will know if the risk of being infected is ruled out. They will also have access to information regarding where to go in case of having symptoms, which telephones to call for assistance, and more details and updates of the development of the pandemic in the country.

The new app was developed by eight companies from the Chamber of Software and IT Services Companies (CESSI). Hexacta was part of the project by dedicating a team of 11 people, among them developers, UX designers, and business analysts. This team was divided into three groups: Frontend, Backend, and Functional Analysts with UX Designers.

“Since Hexacta was called to join the project, we did not hesitate for a minute. We are convinced that technology is the most powerful tool to overcome this situation. We work from dawn to dusk, with little rest, and with a lot of time invested in this. From the start, we wanted to contribute with everything we could do, and from our place, this is what moves us. We will continue working on the development to see how the situation progresses and how we can improve the platform according to the needs,” highlights Fabio Gasparri, Hexacta’s team leader of the project.

Taking into account that quarantine is mandatory, the new app also brings the possibility to submit the Single Certificate of Circulation Habilitation (CUHC), if the person is within the exempted activities that require this document to circulate. “Considering that certain economic activities are starting to — or already have — open up and that there will be a greater movement of people in the streets, it is imperative that there is greater control of who has gone through the disease,” explains Gasparri.

The entire project also includes a website that aims to optimize the management of all those people who are attended by the health system due to this pandemic. This seeks to be an efficient way for all health centers and local hospitals in the country to control and manage the situation in a better way. It’s a way to know who has been medically treated, which is very valuable information to eliminate the infection curve of the virus.

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