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11 pillars of custom software solutions
Lucas Napoli
December 1, 2022
Buying out-of-the-box tools has risks involved that can become huge issues down the road which can be easily avoided by…
Serverless the next step in cloud computing
Mariano Lopez
November 28, 2022
Serverless computing combines cloud computing with full application functionality. In this article, our PM Mariano Lopez tackles its main benefits…
Dos and don'ts for outsourcing
Marco Zanger
November 17, 2022
Outsourcing software development is a trend with an increasing number of followers. But how do you know what to do…
Developer Burnout: What is it and how to avoid it
Fabio Gasparri
November 9, 2022
Software developer burnout is a natural condition that may be caused by many things, including complex coding sessions, too much…
Are you a victim of Micromanagement? How to deal with it
Rodrigo Silva
November 3, 2022
A good leader must have the ability to bring out the best in their employees. When the trust in their…
Microservices and the monolith karma
Diego De Sogos
October 25, 2022
What is holding you back from implementing microservices? In this article, our PM Diego De Sogos tackles the main risks…
Why you should hire Latin American Developers
Martín Hojman
October 20, 2022
With a steady influx of new, highly trained software developers into the field, Latin America’s tech sector is booming. Take…
Fernando Meza
October 13, 2022
Are you looking to boost your data solutions? Our next Summit: Business Data Challenges edition is around the corner and…
Five must-have qualities of a great Scrum Master
Manuel Asenzo
October 5, 2022
The Scrum Master is a strategic element needed for a Scrum team to function well. In order to take over…
Daniel Orozco
September 27, 2022
Hiring the most suitable developers is not an easy job. That is why, in technical interviews, it is vital to…
EdTech How Technology is Transforming Education
Agustín Pelliza
September 22, 2022
EdTech refers to the introduction of information and communication technology into the classroom to create a holistic learning experience. At…
Juan Carlos Terragno
September 15, 2022
Although VR and AR might seem identical, they are used for quite distinct purposes and provide very different experiences. Let’s…
Data Week 2022
Juan Navarro
September 8, 2022
A new edition of Hexacta Summit – Data Week is coming soon: a free online event that lets attendees immerse…
Is Blockchain the Future of the Supply Chain
Manuel Andrés Pérez Vega
September 6, 2022
Many businesses, consumers, and individuals have benefited from the introduction of Blockchain technology ever since it was first established. Let’s…
organizational culture
Fabio Gasparri
September 1, 2022
A strong organizational culture has many benefits. This article will go about how this can help a company create a…
Design Thinking
Adrian Lopez
August 30, 2022
Design thinking can be a powerful problem-solving framework for product managers, helping them come up with great insights. Here we…
secure software
Sergio Fiorillo
August 25, 2022
Secure software development is about more than just secure code. Here we share a set of good practices that should…
Data Analysis Process
Jonas Valletta
August 23, 2022
Data analysis is the process of cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing data with the aim of uncovering valuable information and driving…
Technology for inclusion
Luis Broeders
August 18, 2022
At Hexacta we have a strong vocation to support the most vulnerable sectors of society. Learn all about the different…
Data Driven
Alejandro Rouiller
August 16, 2022
Although businesses understand the benefits of being data driven, many still fall short. Check out this article and learn how…
progressive web apps vs mobile apps
Andrés Gimeno
August 11, 2022
For quite some time, there have been two options to target the mobile market and implement solutions: web apps and…
Data Fabric
Mariano Lopez
August 9, 2022
A data fabric maximizes the value of data within an organization in a composable, adaptable, and scalable method. Here we share…
classic mistakes
Daniel Orozco
August 4, 2022
In software development, it is really important to recognize what classic mistakes are in order to be able to face them. Here…
inclusive environment
Javier López de Lagar
August 2, 2022
Technology is playing a vital role in making workplaces more inclusive and diverse. Learn the 5 ways companies are using…
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