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Data Week 2023
Juan Navarro
September 6, 2023
A new edition of Hexacta Summit – Data Week is just around the corner: the highly acclaimed event that lets…
Phishing ways to prevent attacks
Fabio Gasparri
September 1, 2023
Want to know how to stay vigilant, stay updated, and, most importantly, stay ahead? Join us as we navigate the…
7 things I wish I was told before becoming a software engineer
Daniel Orozco
August 30, 2023
Being a software engineer is not only about code and it may have its challenges. In this article, we gathered…
5 essential tips to run an effective Sprint Planning
Manuel Asenzo
August 18, 2023
Do you want to make sure your Sprint Planning meetings are more effective and collaborative? In this article, we will…
Authentication and authorization in microservices
Gustavo Aijenbon
August 15, 2023
Achieving a solid microservice authentication and authorization implementation can certainly be a challenge. In this article, we show you rules…
The Impact of AI on Software Development
Martin Spasiuk
July 27, 2023
In the next few years AI is expected to empower developers to focus on more complex and innovative tasks, while…
10 ugly truths about package software solutions
Federico Fernandez
July 21, 2023
When choosing software solutions, the first option that may come to mind could be an off-the-shelf product. In this article,…
Must-have soft skills that you should look for in a developer
Javier López de Lagar
July 12, 2023
Tag along as we explore the vital role of soft skills in software development. Understand how these non-technical abilities foster…
The importance of architecture testing
Emanuel Goette
June 29, 2023
Architecture testing is critical to ensure a solid and robust foundation for software application development. Find in this article why…
Juan Carlos Terragno
June 23, 2023
As businesses worldwide become increasingly dependent on computer networks for storing valuable data and running routine tasks, adopting strong cybersecurity…
Tools developer
Lucas Napoli
June 16, 2023
Software tools are the key to help and speed up through development process. In this article, you will find a…
Product Security
Federico Rossi
June 9, 2023
Product Security is a process that encompasses the whole product life cycle where Product and Security teams work in tight…
How to overcome the learning curve in software development
Marco Zanger
May 31, 2023
Learning new technologies and methodologies is an essential part of a software developer’s career. While the learning curve can be…
8 common practices to avoid when working with distributed teams
Sergio Fiorillo
May 24, 2023
Working with distributed development teams brings plenty of challenges. Here we tackle 8 frequent practices we must avoid in order to…
7 tips for resolving conflicts within your development team
Martín Hojman
May 10, 2023
Join us as we discover 7 strategies for mastering team harmony, resolving conflicts, and fostering collaboration within development teams for…
Is DevOps right for your company
Luis Broeders
April 25, 2023
DevOps first emerged as a set of practices and procedures to bridge all gaps between Development and Operations. Join us…
Developing an App with an Outsourcing Team
Fabio Gasparri
April 18, 2023
Are you looking to unleash the potential of outsourcing app development? Here we offer a comprehensive guide to ensure project…
Are you a software student? Join us for the 2º edition of Summit Academy
Juan Navarro
April 13, 2023
Our Summit Academy Edition Colombia is around the corner: a free online event for Colombian students who want to start…
Winning the software game the ultimate guide to user centered development
Javier López de Lagar
March 27, 2023
From target audience research and effective communication to prioritizing user experience (UX), let’s get into the best tips for creating…
5 key benefits of using scrum
Federico Fernandez
March 20, 2023
Working with Scrum in software development projects has a list of perks that help you deliver more value while contributing…
Cross-Functional Teams: what are they and how to build them
Juan Carlos Terragno
March 10, 2023
Cross-functional teams are gaining popularity across various industries thanks to their multiple benefits. Be ready to discover in this article…
5 challenges that modern developers face
Martín Hojman
February 27, 2023
During software development, it is expected for roadblocks to arise in the way. Learn here how to deal with a…
Where is software testing going in 2023
Patricia Lavalletto
February 16, 2023
From Test Automation, SaaS and Cloud testing, Agile and DevOps, to security testing, here is our prediction of the top…
SOLID: Introducing the 5 Software Development Principles
Vanesa Schimpf
February 7, 2023
SOLID principles are guides that, if applied in your day to day, can help you generate quality software. In this…
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