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Significant Design Up Front, When?
Hexacta Architecture Team
August 25, 2009
So in my previous post I said that nowadays there are fewer cases when building models before […]
Team Foundation Server and Eclipse
Hexacta Architecture Team
August 4, 2009
I was trying to integrate a Java project with TFS, using Eclipse and Teamprise. Teamprise is a […]
A change in focus for Software Engineering
Hexacta Architecture Team
July 29, 2009
My friend Hernán Wilkinson sent me a link to a blog post that included a reference to […]
CMMI and Agile: Unifying theories for software development
Hexacta Architecture Team
June 29, 2009
I want to come back to the discussion about Agile vs. CMMI. After a presentation about the […]
Is Autonomic Computing a new era in Computer Science?
Hexacta Architecture Team
June 17, 2009
Five years ago, David Garlan visited Argentina for the first time and gave a lecture at the […]
Test-Driven Development vs Test-After Developer
Hexacta Architecture Team
June 16, 2009
From the perspective of someone who practices Test-Driven Development, this gets things backwards. I believe that it […]
Agile Methods vs CMMI?
Hexacta Architecture Team
May 7, 2009
It was logical that my first post on the Hexacta blog would be on methodology issues, since […]
Continuous Integration in Software Development
Hexacta Architecture Team
May 6, 2009
he Continuous Integration methodology has become very important in the software development community and this is probably […]
Automated testing: Test, test and test
Hexacta Architecture Team
May 6, 2009
We are already able to say that a software development without automated testing is unacceptable. We can […]