AngularJS community hosted in Buenos Aires

AngularJS community hosted in Buenos Aires

The only way of creating knowledge is sharing it. For this reason, Hexacta works to be the regional leader in teaching and hosting both students and professionals with the aim of improving their technology practices through open classes and forums.

AngularJS community hosted in Buenos Aires

AngularJS community is one of those initiatives which Hexacta supports. Juan Manuel Arias, who started his career at Hexacta, invites people of varying levels of expertise who are interested in sharing their knowledge to discuss different issues in a friendly environment!

The new framework AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework maintained by Google that assists with running single-page applications. Its goal is to augment browser-based applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability, in an effort to make both development and testing easier.

In order to collaborate with this project, Hexacta offers its office in Buenos Aires as a meeting space for participants and organizers.  Since 2013, Las Cañitas office has received AngularJS Meetup in four different opportunities to discuss the following topics: “Frameworks and tools to facilitate AngularJS”, “Death to cookies, long live JSON Web Tokens” and “Mobile Apps with AngularJS and Ionic Framework”.

More than 40 people participated in each of these informative discussions at Hexacta, participating with their presence, ideas and questions. Those who didn’t reserve their place or could not attend due to geographical distance were able to be part of the forum via streaming.

AngularJS community hosted in Buenos Aires

In the first AngularJS community meeting, attendants discussed how frameworks like AngularJS made it easier to create sites:

In the second meeting, Matias Woloski (@woloski) and Alberto Pose (@thepose) of Auth0 shared their experience in token-based authentication implementation using JSON Web Tokens, instead of cookies, and applying SPA context:

In the third meeting, Juan Manuel Arias invited people interested in Mobile Apps or HTML5 programming to listen to Marcos Reynoso (@mfourky) talk about his experience with hybrid application development using AngularJS and Ionic Framework:

On April 9, the fourth and last meeting, two different topics were discussed and presented by Martín Gontovnikas (@mgonto). The first lecture focused on Restangular; the second, on Reactive Angle, including reactive programming concepts and concrete examples of how to use it AngularJS.

Why do people join the community?

Andrés Descalzo, forum participant, said that he assisted to meet people eager to share their knowledge of new technologies applied to this framework. Nicolás Gallinal, another forum participant, held that AngularJS was a fashionable framework that brought a lot of advantages to web developing and testing.

AngularJS community hosted in Buenos Aires

Sharing best practices and encouraging team working are part of Hexacta’s philosophy. Developers, executives, testers, designers and every member of the company enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with the academy community.

We will continue sponsoring every open class, forum, debate and training that can contribute to the professional growth in the region.

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