Hexacta introduced its first mobile app for children with Down syndrome

As part of its CSR program, Hexacta presented its first mobile app for children with Down syndrome. 

mobile app for children with Down syndrome

This initiative came from ASDRA (Down Syndrome Association of Argentina), sponsored by the CESSI (Chamber of Software and Computer Services), who invited the main companies in the industry to participate in the development of educational applications for tablets, designed for kids suffering from Down syndrome.

These applications are a key tool for these children to develop different abilities and improve their social inclusion in our society.

Nowadays, the ways of communicating, entertaining and educating have changed, offering endless possibilities. There are so many applications available for every type of device (computers, tablets and smartphones) that they have reached the classrooms and are highly valued by teachers.

However, many of those apps don’t consider the different situations teachers have to face when working in a class with special educational needs. The applications developed by Hexacta have been designed and created especially for children with special needs so as to facilitate their learning through technology.

mobile app for children with Down syndrome

Hexacta’s development team worked for over a month with JQuery Mobile, Cordova, HTML, technologies to create the app, which is now available, and can be freely  downloaded,  at Google Play store, Apple app store and Android market.

The aim of the game is to monitor and capture the bubble through screen movement. It stimulates visual attention and resources.

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