Are you a software student? Join us for the 2nd edition of Summit Academy

Are you a software student? Join us for the 2nd edition of Summit Academy

Our Summit Academy Edition Colombia is around the corner: a free online event for Colombian students who want to start their career in the software world.

Are you a software student? Join us for the 2º edition of Summit Academy

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Summit Academy Edition Colombia coming this Wednesday, April 19th.

Following the success of our 1st Summit Academy, hosted back in May 2022, this new edition is intended for Colombian students and recent graduates looking to get started in the world of software through our internship program: Hexacta Academy.

What is Academy?

An unparalleled opportunity for our interns to complement their university education with work experience, where they will be in contact with the latest technologies and take part in customer projects.

Summit Academy Edition Colombia

This conference features once again the participation of Rodrigo Meléndez, the head of our Academy internship program, who will give us a full introduction to it, with every detail about the path designed for the interns in Colombia.

Afterwards, join us for different talks that address the points of view of both the coaches and the trainees. To close the event, we will discuss the objectives of the internship and how to make the most of this experience in the company.

So, what to expect in this Summit? 

  • An introduction to the program 
  • Talks with coaches and trainees, sharing their experience from each point of view
  • Tools used in each step of the internship
  • Examples of internal apps and projects that the interns can work with

and so much more! 

Are you a software student finishing your last course of studies?

Do you want to know in detail what it is like to be an intern at Hexacta and how to be part of this program? Then this is an event you do not want to miss!  

To register for Summit Academy Edition Colombia, complete the form here: