Are you ready to become a data-driven company today? Join our next Summit

Are you ready to become a data-driven company today? Join our next Summit

Are you ready to become a data-driven company today? Join our next Summit

Are you looking to boost your data solutions? Our next Summit: Business Data Challenges edition is around the corner and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to switch to a data-driven organization.

We invite you to delve into our experience with data projects.

Join us online on October 26th at our Summit: Business Data Challenges and explore some of the challenges presented by our clients, the way Hexacta has managed to provide the right solutions for them, how these solutions look like today and how to take the next step to become a data-driven company with our help.

What to expect

We have designed an agenda to fit your data needs that covers different aspects of data processing. Starting off with how our design and implementation allowed our client to expand the data exposure for their clients. Next, join us to talk about a paradigm change on core data processing where we have applied event driven solutions to handle the data as soon as it goes into the platform. To close the event, take a look at some insights on a machine learning solution for the financial technology industry.

An agenda with 100% data-driven talks

Building a platform for the future

Learn how we built an entire data flow that was once meant to work monthly, but it is now being used
on a daily basis, guaranteeing quality, speed and performance.

Real time core data observability and availability

Learn how we managed to solve the core daily data availability in our client’s services, by reducing the batch processing and automating quality controls resulting in a high-performance service with a reduced cost.

Machine Learning applied to Debt Issue Pricing

Be ready to take a look at one of our use cases: a machine learning assisted Issue Pricing Tool, that assesses and predicts security prices based on historical data and market context. Find out how working as a multidisciplinary team with the client, and building on top of AWS cloud technologies, we were able to provide an architecture and overall solution with very interesting results.

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Fernando Meza

Data Engineer with 12 years of experience in different data processing stages, always looking to provide solutions to the end clients.

Roberto Reverol

Software engineer, backend developer and machine learning enthusiast with 4 years of experience in the Financial Technology industry, including the deployment and support of Machine Learning solutions + 8 years of experience writing backend code and data pipelines for web apps.

Why Attend

  • Hear talks by top data experts
  • Get to know real-world case studies
  • Opportunity to forge new partnerships
  • and much more

How to participate?

Our Summit: Business Data Challenges is 100% online and free. Pre-save your spot now! Register here: