Argentina: the highest English level of the region

Argentina: the highest English level of the region

Argentina is the highest ranking country in Latin America in terms of English proficiency, and ranks 15th in the world*.

Argentina: the highest English level of the region

According to the English Proficiency Index done by Education First (EF) in 2014, Argentina has the highest English level in Latin America, and currently occupies the 15th place* in the global ranking. Hexacta is a good example of this, where 90% of our professionals are bilingual.

The EF English Proficiency Index (EPI) has been created in this context as a standardized measurement of adult English proficiency, comparable among countries and over time. The EF EPI most recent edition was calculated using test data from 750,000 test takers. People from 63 different countries participated in it.

Argentina is placed in the top 25th percentile of this ranking, beating countries such as Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam and India.

On average, 50% of Hexacta’s total turnover comes from external clients on average. Currently, 69 % of our revenue comes from services provided abroad and 78% of this revenue comes from the US. As a result, Hexacta needs its engineers to be proficient in English. We offer our professionals English lessons to improve and polish their vocabulary, fluency and grammar.

* Note: According to the English Proficiency Index by EF in 2016, Argentina is the only country in the region with a “high” level of English proficiency. In the overall ranking, the country ranks in 19th place, between 72 countries. By 2014 and 2015, Argentina held the 15th position, between 63 and 70 countries, respectively.

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