Argentina: the #1 country in technology skills

Argentina: the #1 country in technology skills

Recently, Coursera published a report that ranks Argentina as the #1 country in technological skills. Here, we give you more information about why people in our country are truly experts in this field.

top countries in technology skills

Recently, Coursera published the Global Skills Index (GSI), a report that made an extensive analysis of the main skills of professionals from several fields and how they perform around the world. The paper is based on a benchmark of 60 countries and 10 industries and makes a selection in three categories of capabilities: Business, Technology, and Data Science.

This study ranked Argentina as the number 1 country in technological skills, obtaining a percentile of 100% within this category. Because of this, I wanted to make an evaluation of this report, emphasizing why Argentina is really a place highly developed in technology.

What do they mean by technology?

The term technology covers a broad spectrum of disciplines, so what does it mean that we are the best in the world in this category? Coursera –known as one of the most recognized online education platforms– defined each of the criteria analyzed in six different categories. As for technology, it included these:

  • Computer Networking (e.g., Blockchain, wireless networking)
  • Operating Systems (e.g., Android software development, iOS Software)
  • Human Computer Interaction (e.g., User Interface, machine translation)
  • Databases (e.g., relational database, key value database)
  • Security Engineering (e.g., cyberattacks, cryptography)
  • Software Engineering (e.g., software development, algorithms)

The study provides some interesting numbers and facts related to these categories that gives us something to think about. For example, the demand for technological skills is growing more and more: technology enrollments have increased 13% since last year, with the biggest increases in Computer Networking (+56%), Databases (+22%), and Security Engineering (+18%).

This makes complete sense considering the trends that arise in the world with regards to technological development, the continued growth in the use of digital devices, and other facts that demonstrate that the world is turning digital.

top countries in technology skills

In the global state of digital in 2019 report published by Hootsuite and We Are Social, for example, we can find some statistics that support the above. According to the survey, by January 2019, the number of global unique mobile users was 5.112 billion (2% more than last year), Internet users were 4.388 billion (9.1% more than in January 2018), active social media users was 3.484 billion (9% above the previous year), and mobile social media users were 3.256 billion (growing 10% over January 2018).

All this proves that there is no doubt about the fundamental role that technology is taking in the modern era and why it is essential to possess the right skills to face this reality.

So now, what about Argentina?

As I said before, our country was positioned as the best in terms of technological skills. In addition, of all Latin America, Argentina is the only country that ranks among the best of the first half of the regions analyzed, showing a clear competitive advantage in that geographical area.

As for Argentina’s performance, it ranks first in technology both in the region and in the world. This shows that the country offers a vast advantage in the most popular and required discipline in the world, providing advanced knowledge and technical skills of excellence that take this field to another level.

Focusing more on this, the study reveals that Argentina stands out with a strong performance in Software Engineering with a score of 100% and in Operating Systems with a score of 95%. “Argentina,” says the paper, “outshines all of its neighbors by a wide margin. This reflects the country’s strong technology community and tech-savvy government, as well as its ambitious goal to be the center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” These facts place the country very high when it comes to outsourcing IT or software services. Actually, software is positioned as the fourth largest exporter in the country.

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In addition to this, there is much more interesting data offered by the Chamber of Software and Information Technology Companies (CESSI) in its latest annual report (Spa) published last year. It mentions that during 2017, Argentina reached a historical record of exports, with US$ 1.699 million surpassing the record of 2012 (US$ 1.533 million), and as a result, foreign revenues in dollars increased by 26.5%.

It is interesting to see that out of all those exports, 56.2% came from North America (US, Canada, and Mexico), and that more specifically, the US reports 48.6%. Regarding this, the President of the CESSI stated that the Argentine software industry exports 40% of what it produces, which reaffirms, once again, that the country has the necessary experience and capabilities to offer technological services worldwide.

As a software development company, we believe that all this combined (the facts, the numbers, the reports, etc.) represent crucial information to convince ourselves that the main markets in the world have trusted and still trust in Argentina as a software provider due to the quality of our professionals and their skills and knowledge in the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies.

My last thoughts

Over the years, Argentina has gained prestige around the world in the technological field. Therefore, it is no surprise that it has been chosen by Coursera as the country with the best technological skills in the world. This culture, focused on technological development, is reflected in the excellent performance of the companies that work in this field.

We are convinced that we have the necessary tools to add value to our customers since we rely on our extensive experience and the background of our people, which allows us to offer software solutions of the highest quality year after year.

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