Hexacta in the Argentine Forum of Digital Transformation

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In the framework of the Argentine Forum of Digital Transformation, Hexacta emphasizes the importance of digital technologies to be strategically considered by the State. The company sponsored the Argentine Forum of Digital Transformation on March 7, with the presence of over 250 officials and entrepreneurs.

Argentine Forum of Digital Transformation Hexacta

Hexacta participated in the Argentine Forum of Digital Transformation. As part of this event, Pablo Viola, manager of the company, said that “as professionals dedicated to software development, we are aware that digital transformation has great potential to improve society. We participate in this Forum because we believe that digital technologies transform societies into a more equitable world, in which information is accessible to everyone”.

The Argentine Digital Transformation Forum took place on March 7 in Buenos Aires and aimed to raise awareness of the need for public policies for Knowledge Societies. In this regard, Viola said: “When we talk about public policies, we refer to the need for the State to see the software world from a strategic perspective, taking into account the economic importance of the IT industry and the possibilities that this knowledge opens for new generations”.

The event involved over 250 officials and entrepreneurs and was organized by the Argentine Chamber of the Industry Software (CESSI in Spanish), in conjunction with the United Nations University – O.U. on Electronic Governance Policy-driven (UNU-EGOV). It also had the support of UNESCO and was sponsored by the Ministry of Modernization of the Nation.

The panels had 20 exhibitors, including international personalities such as representatives of the delegation from the University of UN-EGOV of UNESCO for Mercosur and Chile, AGESIC, the Government of Uruguay, the Center for Technology in Government, the University of Albany, New York and the University of Maryland, both from the United States.

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