Hexacta: The best software company to work in Argentina

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Once again, Hexacta was chosen as one of the best software companies to work in Argentina. The information emerges from the ranking done by the global firm Great Place to Work, where the employer’s position is evaluated according to the opinion of its own employees.

Buenos Aires, November 18th 2015.  Hexacta was chosen by the global firm Great Place to Work as the best software company to work in Argentina, beating companies like Oracle and Baufest.

In this year’s survey, which involved 115 companies and over 87,000 employees, the company achieved fifth place in the overall ranking.

Great Place To Work Argentina Hexacta

The fact of being valued by a professional organization that promotes trust, pride and camaraderie is a great prize for Hexacta. “We are very proud of this accomplishment, mainly because it comes from what our own employees when completing survey”, affirms Diego Vigliarolo, HR manager.

“For several years, we are among the 10 best companies to work for, and to be number one this year is an incredible joy. Maintaining such high levels of satisfaction is a big challenge, especially in a labor market with as much competition as is the technology”, added Vigliarolo.

The classification is based on the study of the world’s largest organizational climate, in which more than 7,200 companies and 5 million employees are included. According to Great Place to Work, participating companies have reduced turnover, increased net profit, have more positive brand image, and higher return on investment, among other features.

“I have been working in Hexacta for over 10 years. Many of us have been working in Hexacta for a long time because here we have growth opportunities within a framework of flexibility and excellence”, says Tomás Henseler, Hexacta project manager.

GreatPlaceToWorkThe employees’ opinion is key to qualifying, since the survey respondents (Trust Index) represents two thirds of the final score to enter the ranking. The remaining third of the score is made up of the Culture Audit, a questionnaire to the company, which Great Place to Work uses to understand and evaluate the practices, policies and organizational culture.

“This business model is so successful in Hexacta because it’s in our DNA from day one, 15 years ago. We always dream of building a commercially successful company with a lot of focus on excellence and training. Today we export software built by Argentine talent and we keep on will getting better at it,” concluded Diego Vigliarolo.

About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work is a global research firm, consulting, and training that helps organizations to diagnose, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of cultures of trust.

Each year, it prepares and publishes the list of the Best Companies to Work for each of the 45 countries where it is present in, based on the study of the world’s largest organizational climate, in which more than 7,200 companies and 5 million employees participate.

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