BlackBerrys will be manufactured in Argentina

BlackBerrys will be manufactured in Argentina

Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian company that manufactures BlackBerry, announced that they started to manufacture the

Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian company that manufactures BlackBerry, announced that they started to manufacture the first smartphones in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

BlackBerrys will be manufactured in Argentina1

According to the PR release issued by the company the first Blackberry Curve 8520 smartphones with the latest RIM technology were manufactured by a group of local professionals that were trained in Argentina and abroad too. They also work close to RIM specialists. Brightstar will be in charge of the production and dispatch of the devices.
RIM hopes to expand the smartphones portfolio manufactured in Tierra del Fuego. They will soon launch to the Argentinean market Blackberry smartphones with the new operative system BlackBerry 7.

The local production through Brightstar is expected to provide support to the telephone operators and retail stores in the whole country. Also to allow RIM to strengthen its local commitment meeting local consumer tastes.

The Ministry of National Industry said that this project implies a $23 million dollars investment and that the company expects to produce 750.000 devices during the first year.

In this way, the national demand for Blackberry equipment will be supplied at first in a 70% by devices produced in Argentina and then will rise to 80% with the incorporation of other models. Blackberry smartphones has the 31% of the local smartphones sales in 2010.
We hope that this fact ends up having positive results since our country makes a big use of mobile devices, especially Blackberry. Considering that the production will be done in Tierra del Fuego, we expect a substantial reduction in the selling price, which makes it much more attractive and also opens the opportunity to export the products to other countries in the south cone.

The global trend indicates that it is important that big mobile companies are encouraged to invest in countries where a good sales strategy is predicted, given that prices for sure will be lower, incrementing in this way the sales. RIM already did this in Malaysia and Brazil so as to open new production routes and now it lands in Argentina with the same purpose and through Brightstar Corporation.

By the end of October we will see the first devices “made in Argentina”. RIM is now part of a group of companies that already installed in Tierra del Fuego such as Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Nokia.

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