Buenos Aires Service Jam 2019: working for innovation

Buenos Aires Service Jam 2019: working for innovation

Hexacta’s office was the gathering point that allowed about 100 professionals of various disciplines to participate in this event, which took part simultaneously in different parts of the world.

100 people created and innovated at the Buenos Aires Service Jam 2019Suggesting services to solve real problems. DOING not TALKING! Under this premise, about 100 people were part of Buenos Aires Service Jam 2019’s first edition that took place recently at Hexacta’s facilities located in the neighborhood of Palermo.

For three days, professionals of various disciplines exchanged their knowledge and skills with the purpose of working collaboratively to apply tools and design methodologies centered in user experience (UX Design) looking for products and/or services that solve people’s day-to-day problems.

In the framework of this meeting at Hexacta, around 10 facilitating experts guided the different teams during the whole process, which included research, creation, prototyping and testing of solutions that came from collaborative work.

100 people created and innovated at the Buenos Aires Service Jam 2019

The Buenos Aires Service Jam 2019 was the local edition of the Global Service Jam, an annual event that is performed simultaneously in more than 100 cities around the world and where interdisciplinary teams work around a specific subject in order to create innovative solutions that can help solve local challenges.

The Jams are similar to a music improvisation session: each participant contributes through their experience and their skills to construct a composition alongside the rest of the team. It is not in vain that the event’s name makes reference to a music Jam session, where a group of people gets together to improvise with their instruments, without expecting any particular result. In a Jam, you simply let ideas flow.

How does a SERVICE JAM work?

100 people created and innovated at the Buenos Aires Service Jam 2019

The idea of Service Jam is to work starting from a subject, an unknown concept to anyone and only disclosed at that moment. This concept is a trigger to ideas and proposals, which are materialized by the teams through different exercises.

The result is the creation of a service (things that help us in a daily basis: a touch screen, a ticket expending machine, a faucet where water comes from, means of transport, etc.) or a product that can help improve people’s quality of life.

As a result, the attendants organized in groups carried out interviews with several people from the neighborhood with the aim of detecting particular needs concerning a specific issue (e.g. what to do when we ran out of water). Afterwards, prototypes were designed and created using different materials like sheets, markers, and pencils, among others. These prototypes, focused on a particular functionality (the most critical to work out), were presented to the simultaneous Jams that were being given in other countries.

After adjustments were made in the prototypes thanks to feedback given by other teams and the test carried with neighbors on the street, the teams went through with testing them with their own users and bystanders. Lastly, the attendants created a Story Board to show how the product would work in real life and then exposed it in front of the rest of the teams.

This is the first time that Hexacta participates in this initiative, looking to support a growing community of developers, UI/UX design, and several other professionals and reinforcing our compromise of being an active part of the academic and technical community of Argentina.

See all the photos of what happened at Hexacta during the Buenos Aires Service Jam 2019.

100 people created and innovated at the Buenos Aires Service Jam 2019100 people created and innovated at the Buenos Aires Service Jam 2019

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