Cloud Technology: 5 Things you may not know about it

Cloud Technology: 5 Things you may not know about it

The Cloud is constantly evolving and there is always more to learn. Discover here five things you probably didn’t know about Cloud computing technology.

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Nowadays, it is obvious that the Cloud is widely used by almost everyone, and companies spend large amounts of money dealing with their Cloud computing systems.

Just to highlight how big Cloud technology is becoming, it is important to note that according to Canalys experts, companies around the world spent a record $107 billion for Cloud computing infrastructure services in 2019, which is 37% more than in 2018.

Even though the Cloud is something relatively new, we are aware of its continuing evolution, and the term seems to be already well known for many. However, it is likely that there are many things we might not know about it. Here are a few of them, which you may find interesting to read.

1. You are using Cloud TECHNOLOGY right now and don’t even realize it

Yes, Cloud technology is present in almost all modern systems, and it has been seamlessly integrated as part of our daily life. That is why we are using it without thinking about it, and it is likely we don’t even remember when we started using it.

If you still believe that you are not using it, let’s take a second thought. You are using the Cloud every time you read an email, when you do a search on the web, do some home banking transactions (banking produces most of its activities within the Cloud), listen to music, watch a movie, buy something, use social media, or run any mobile app, among others.

Even for those who do not know what the Cloud is, or don’t want to use it, it is almost impossible to avoid it.

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2. Allows companies to grow fast and easy

There are many companies that were pushed to the top because of the Cloud’s wave; otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to respond to the high demand that they faced. Just as a few examples, think about WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Uber without the support of the Cloud.

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It is estimated that 80% of companies that adopt the Cloud see improvements in their IT departments within six months. Also, 60% of U.S. IT decision-makers trust the security of the Cloud, and a new Cloud server is added for every 600 smartphones.

Because of all that, companies prefer to hire people with experience in such technologies. The Cloud market is not only improving the way companies work but means a huge positive impact on their revenues. Statista, for example, states that the Cloud market revenue has grown almost three times from  2016 to 2019. This shows a promising scenario on the business horizon.

3. The Cloud is a refined oil that has helped Big Data to be even bigger

Essentially, Big Data refers to the large sets of data collected, and Cloud computing refers to the mechanism that performs operations on that data. If you simply had Big Data alone, you would have huge data sets with potential value without taking advantage of it.

Therefore, Cloud infrastructure allows you to process huge datasets in real-time. This analysis takes a fraction of the time that it used to, and it allows you to visualize things that are not easy to see or predict.

There are infinite possibilities when we combine Big Data and Cloud Computing.

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4. The Cloud is exposing issues and sometimes boosting a change

Business man holding Cloud figuresLots of public information is available to be processed using Cloud Computing, information that can provide some light on different subjects, from the gender wage gap to crime and policing statistics, as well as many other issues that matter.

Companies are using this data to provoke a change, and they are also dealing with safety issues that the Cloud can help to solve. For example, after Japan’s Fukushima nuclear meltdown, a map detailing the radiation fallout areas around other nuclear power plants was created. That would have taken much more time to assemble without Cloud computing force.

5. Anyone can use the Cloud

Data comes from everywhere: sensors, videos, social media, purchase transactions, posts, news, pictures, GPS, and processes, just to name a few. Most companies analyze only a very small part of the data they have. They are surely missing a huge amount of data insights hidden within the data they are ignoring. Furthermore, there are many free public tools to use. Therefore, it is up to us to start and do smart digging on all that to find something not visible at first glance.

To Sum Up

The future of Cloud technology looks bright, and it is clear that companies that start using it see benefits almost immediately. The Cloud is fantastic for any business in all industries and of all sizes. In addition to providing easy access and security, the Cloud is helping corporations around the world in solving problems and rethinking what application architectures look like.

Because technology is changing constantly, you cannot just evaluate Cloud solutions once. Maybe a problem can’t be resolved today with the Cloud in an easy way, but most likely, in a few months from now, it will be. More and more Cloud tools are being developed, so you may find plenty of good Cloud solutions very soon.

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