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Consulting Software Services

Consulting is both a service and a way of working. We deliver integrated, end-to-end IT enabled solutions to help your transformation.

We provide consulting services to clients, for both strategic decision making and improvement of their daily operative processes.

In a rapidly changing world, we help our clients to stay ahead and achieve long-term success responding with innovation and agility.

We work on

  • Functional specification of software solutions. The functional spec is the moment of true alignment between business and IT. Developers need to work with clear objectives and documents in order to have no doubts in their work process.

  • Definition of technological architectures. Every software system has an architecture, but not every software architecture is defined. We develop or redefine the system's architecture to help business goals. By building an effective architecture and making the right decisions, you can identify design risks and mitigate them early in the development process.

  • Business processes redesign. Hexacta works with each client to prioritize key processes based on the value at stake. We work together with a cross-functional client team to redefine a series of principles that will guide the solution to achieve the near and long term results.