Agile Training: Scrum

Agile frameworks help companies to make their work more efficient.

Of all the Agile frameworks, Scrum is the most widely adopted, because of the great results it has given to a broad variety of industries.

Every complex work can benefit from using Scrum. This methodology has the power to transform project management across every business.

Scrum is a set of principles and practices that improve the team's productivity, increasing its flexibility, enabling fast feedback, and propitiating continual improvement. By using Scrum, the work becomes more Agile, and the teams are prepared for giving the best response to new challenges in changing contexts.

Why is training relevant?

Training makes the difference between a team that truly understands Scrum and one that is just following a management directive. Transitioning to Agile requires a new mindset and overall cultural adjustments that include a new sense of flexibility, creativity, and inspiration. That isn't something that happens overnight.

An experienced Trainer is vital to help people fully embrace Scrum. Hexacta Scrum Trainers can give every company team the knowledge and ability to respond to always changing business challenges.

Hexacta Scrum Trainers are certified by Scrum Alliance, licensed to teach Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner courses. Scrum Alliance imposes stringent certification requirements for prospective Certified Scrum Trainers to ensure only those who are qualified serve as trainers.