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Custom Development

We work with our clients to overcome a particular business challenge in a way that satisfies their need for speed, cost-effectiveness, and high quality.

We can help clients build mission-critical and complex applications that address unique business requirements and bring individualized process innovation to market.

Our client-centric approach, a wide range of custom development software services, and experienced staff, make us an ideal partner for any custom application development project.

Solutions delivery

We implement solutions covering all the stages of the software development cycle (project planning and monitoring, identification, and management of requirements and the impact on the processes, software construction, testing planning and execution, training planning and execution, solution implementation).

Our work teams include some of these profiles: project managers, software architects, developers, functional consultants, testers, and User Experience and Interface designers. Clients are always part of these teams, on either a full time or part-time basis.

Agile Execution

We use best practices in software development, making sure the whole development process is transparent, with frequent deliveries and reviews. These projects are characterized for working under flexible work plans managed jointly by the team leader at Hexacta and the client's Project Leader.

Aplication Maintenance

We have technical teams, specialized in different technologies, which can implement enhancements or corrective maintenance on production systems.

Main Technologies

We stand out for the use of advanced technologies that results in high quality and competitive solutions. The leading technologies we use in our projects are:


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