“I enjoy working in a collaborative environment looking for excellence and developing solutions that fulfill client's expectations”.
Gustavo, Developer.

Their main responsibility is to construct the applications. In this matter, they work according to the development processes defined in Hexacta's work methodology, which ranges from technical design, prototype construction, and final applications, to unitary tests. In their everyday work, they use different techniques, such as pair programming, peer reviews, object-oriented design, continuous integration, and test-driven design, among others.

Knowledge and training

Most importantly, they should have programming experience with Internet Technologies, strong knowledge of design facts and object-oriented programming, and clear orientation to development methodology.

They work with technological platforms based on operative systems like Windows, Linux, and Sun Solaris, using mainly database servers such as Oracle and SQL Server. Hexacta's developers are highly qualified in .Net platform, as well as in Java. They also have expertise in HTML, Dynamic HTML, and JavaScript.

They have college majors in Systems and related careers.