Developing IT talents with Proyecto Nahual

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Proyecto Nahual is a non-profit organization (NPO) that aims training people that cannot go to university in programming and software testing.

proyecto nahual

Hexacta continues to actively contribute to foster the dissemination of technology and software best practices. It joined the project Proyecto Nahual and donated computer equipment: six computers, three monitors, and a printer.

Proyecto Nahual is a non-profit organization (NPO) with the objective of training people that cannot go to university in programming and software testing. “Containment and integration” are the key values that underpin the plan of giving those who wish to develop a profession the chance to change their future –with informatics. “The project is meant to complement the professional development of the students”, stated members of Proyecto Nahual on their website.

This NPO, that aims to keep growing and converting students into the teachers of the taught courses, has headquarters in different areas of Argentina: La Paternal, Bariloche, La Plata, and Banfield. For this reason, it shares with Hexacta the same view of professional development through informatics innovation and teamwork, where knowledge is a key value that has to be shared to continue growing.

Whereas CESSI affirms that Argentina informatics industry is expected to grow in sales, exports, and employment in 2013, Manuel Parera’s article in InfoTechnology states that 45% of the Argentinian employers expressed difficulties in filling important positions in the IT area. The technology industry in Argentina is increasing by leaps and bounds, but human resources are insufficient to fill the growing posts.

Thanks to organizations such as Proyecto Nahual, the interest of people in informatics areas is increasing, allowing creating a solid basis for the development of future talents by sharing experiences and knowledge in the industry. Hexacta, a specialist in promoting human resources to boost employment, never hesitates to collaborate with these objectives.

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