Need Computer Engineers? Encourage young students in software architecture!

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One of Hexacta’s professionals gave a lecture on software architecture in a high school in Buenos Aires to encourage young students to follow his path and study computer engineering.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”, said philosopher and biologist Herbert Spencer. In Hexacta we believe teaching high school students about software development does not only mean they will learn something new that day, it also brings out their curiosity on the subject and inspire them to want to learn more on the subject.

On June 18th, Cristian López, one of Hexacta’s project managers, gave an introductory course on Software Architecture in the ORT, a technical high school located in Belgrano, Buenos Aires.

The training course focused on the challenges software developers face everyday when implementing a Web application. Cristian talked about some of the different alternatives that can be used when implementing a Web app, and describing each of these alternative’s features, advantages and disadvantages, and how the final decision on the software architecture affects both the end user and the development team.

Hexacta has an on-going partnership with ORT as part of the Link Plan, which is organized by the Unidad de Vinculación e Integración Tecnológica (Unit Bonding and Technology Integration) of the Technology Institute ORT and the Cámara de Empresas de Software y Servicios Informáticos (Chamber of Software and Computer Services, also knows as CESSI).

The Link Plan was created with the purpose of connecting students with the software industry from a young age. To achieve this, a special training space was designed for the Institute to share with major companies in the software industry, thereby enhancing the student’s skills and experiences.

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