GEMA project received an honorable mention in Sadosky Awards

GEMA project received an honorable mention in Sadosky Awards

Hexacta began the GEMA project this year, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program. Now the iniciativa has received a recognitizion in Sadosky Awards.

GEMA sadosky awards

We have the honor to announce that Hexacta received a Sadosky Merit Award for our work on the GEMA project on October 30th. The Sadosky Award rewards the people, teams and organizations that, through their work and efforts, contribute to the IT industry in Argentina.

In recent years, Argentina has demonstrated significant, sustained growth in the software and information services sector, and the Cámara de Software y Servicios Informáticos de la República Argentina (CESSI) has decided to award the efforts through the Sadosky Award. This is not the first time Hexacta has received a Sadosky Award: we have obtained several over the years, including the Best IT Business in Argentina Award in 2009, Best IT Solution Award in 2013 and Business Career Award in 2013.


The GEMA Project gives a chance to last-year students of different specialized technical high schools to be introduced to the working world for the first time, helping them to make the transition from high school to a real job as smoothly as possible, and encouraging the students to learn more about coding within a software and technology business. The program´s goal is to place the student in real-job situation environment in order to consolidate, incorporate and extend the skills and knowledge they have already learned.

Gema project honorable mention Sadosky AwardSince founded, Hexacta has been committed to various corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, granting resources and more than 1600 hours per-year of its staff to carry them out.

The projects we participate in vary from year to year and in type, helping people in need, educating the young generations on technology, etc. We hope to keep on participating in projects like these in the future to help our future generations.

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