Hexacta among the 10 best companies to work in Argentina

Great Place to Work® recognizes our work done on organizational culture and the positive experience of our employees as members of Hexacta. We were selected among the 10 best companies to work in Argentina.

Hexacta among the 10 best companies to work in Argentina

For over 20 years, Great Place to Work® has been identifying and celebrating the existence of workplaces with high levels of trust across the world.

Helded in the Metropolitan Citi theatre on November the 26th, Great Place to Work® ceremony awarded 36 different companies. This year, we received the 7th place in the category of the 250 employees organizations. The prize shows the effort we put into the creation of a suitable working environment according to the needs of our teams though the implementation of effective programs and politics.

Hexacta have participated in this competition in six opportunities since 2006, exposing itself under scrutiny of the best professionals in human resources practices.

Nowadays, Great Place to Work® is the biggest organizational climate study in which more than 6,000 companies and 2,5 million employees participate. Results obtained by Hexacta got better year by year,  making of Hexacta one of the best Argentinian companies.

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