Kicking off our new initiative: Hexacta Art & Tech

Kicking off our new initiative: Hexacta Art & Tech

We have been working from home for more than a year, but at Hexacta we firmly believe that music unites and accompanies us. This is why we have launched the beginning of a cycle of activities that will give our employees the opportunity to learn while enjoying a good time.

Hexacta Art&TechHexacta Art & Tech is a new initiative with the purpose of bringing art to technology and being able to share the latest trends in music.

We have welcomed our resident DJ Pato Smink, an artist and producer who is present at all events we hold: happy hours, celebrations and even as a host at our latest activity where employees will get to participate in a DJ Workshop.

Pato has also compiled a number of musical playlists to accompany the workday, with songs that were chosen by our employees. Each playlist has a different genre and they are all available on both our Spotify and Youtube accounts.

We also have Art & Tech Sessions, where the proposal is to offer live video-recorded performances of artists. The recordings take place at our offices, which generates a feeling of belonging to our employees. We started this segment with a 30-minute show by El Kuelgue, recorded at our office in Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires, which was a total success.

We still have a number of ideas and activities to offer in this fun and innovative initiative, where our main goal is to provide a space where art, music and technology come between.

Stay tuned to learn about our upcoming events!

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