Hexacta, speaker at the ALM Day 2012

Hexacta, speaker at the ALM Day 2012

The second edition of the Application Lifecycle Management Day was held in Buenos Aires on March 29th.

Hexacta, speaker at the ALM day 2012

Once again Hexacta was invited to speak at the ALM Day, the event organized by Microsoft and the Microsoft Users Group to discuss tools and trends in Application Lifecycle Management. The second edition in Buenos Aires was held on March 29th.

The talks concerned mainly Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2010 as a solution for integration of roles in a project. Eric Delahaye, technical manager at Hexacta, contributed with his talk TFS Build: the development team +1.

“A build server is an absolute must for any productive agile development team. Team Foundation Build Server is the ideal solution to incorporate practices such as continuous integration, code inspections, early feedback and automatic deployment among others, always in an integrated fashion and as a natural part of the project lifecycle administration” explained Eric during the talk.

The event was addressed to functional and business analysts, architects, developers, and anyone taking part of a software development project. At the end, prizes were drawn among the participants. Hexacta donated a voucher for the Introduction to Scrum course, one of the courses offered as Scrum Alliance Registered Education Providers, to be dictated at the development center in Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires.

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