Hexacta commits to social initiatives in response to COVID-19

Hexacta commits to social initiatives in response to COVID-19

  • In response to the COVID crisis, Hexacta has been committed to several initiatives in order to help the most affected communities and organizations.
  • At the same time, Hexacta keeps collaborating with the development of software projects whose main purpose is to help the people most in need in Argentina.

Buenos Aires, August 24, 2020 – Hexacta.  Since its early beginnings, Hexacta has sought to make the world a better place by empowering our people’s social initiatives and fulfilling specific needs for nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and the most vulnerable Argentinean communities.

Given the difficult situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to prioritize our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts into those projects that will impact the lives and wellbeing of citizens in need.

Thinking about that, and due to the circumstances, we have encouraged kicking off several initiatives in order to help the most affected communities and raise awareness among the population in order to prevent the spreading of the virus. Here is an overview of some of those initiatives we have collaborated with.

Sor María Ludovica Children’s Hospital

Located in the city of La Plata (near to the city of Buenos Aires), we helped the Sor María Ludovica Children’s Hospital by donating cleaning and disinfection items, which at these difficult times and with the current shortage of supplies, are essential to fight the Coronavirus. We also donated 200 disposable facemasks.

“Pancitas” and “Palomitas” soup kitchens

We assisted “Pancitas Contentas” (Happy Little Bellies) and “Palomitas de Amor” (Little Doves of Love) soup kitchens in the district of Lomas de Zamora, which currently provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks to between 30 to 150 people per day. Given the growth in the number of people, they have needed to recondition the place to be able to extend their services. That is why we helped by providing them with plates, tables, carafes, powdered milk, and cocoa.

Health Module program

We joined the Health Module program, which distributes sanitary kits to the poorest neighborhoods of the AMBA (the city of Buenos Aires and its surroundings). This program was created by the NPO Horizonte de Máxima Foundation, which seeks to help solve the sanitary emergency that many families suffer in Argentina, where there are more than 6 million people without a bathroom in their homes.

Thanks to Hexacta’s donation, 200 families in a vulnerable situation received their kits, which include bleach, detergents, soaps, bowls, disinfectants, repellents, and insecticides.

Mocha Celis project

In order to face the current situation, we also collaborated with the purchase of food and a shelter for the Popular Transvestite-Trans Mocha Celis High School. The Mocha Celis is a high school focused on the inclusion of trans and transvestites that currently assists more than 500 people who are in critical economic situations.

Network of Neighborhood Orchestras

The Network of Neighborhood Orchestras (Red de Orquestas Barriales) of the city of Córdoba is an organization committed to bringing music to children and young people in poor neighborhoods, while keeping them away from dangerous situations. In this pandemic context, they cannot carry out rehearsals or performances, but the network continues to function to reach families in need and bring them food and basic necessities. From Hexacta, we helped with 50 bags of food for these families.

Can you give me an hour?

¿Me regalas una hora?  (Can you Give Me an Hour?) is a non-profit civil association that provides primary healthcare to people in socially vulnerable situations. Hexacta worked with the purchase of equipment and basic supplies so that they can continue providing health services to people on the street or with difficulty accessing the public health system, which has been more critical in times of the pandemic.

A liter of milk

Un litro de leche (A Liter of Milk) is an organization from the city of Cordoba that works with several soup kitchens receiving and distributing donations. For our part, we donated clothes and blankets that we collected.

Aula Vereda

Aula Vereda (Sidewalk Classroom) is an organization that focuses on the education of children from Buenos Aires neighborhoods by providing them with school support activities, workshops, and rides, among others. Given the COVID situation, they have started collecting and distributing food. For this purpose, we collaborated with the purchase of a kitchen, a water heater, and a table to help them upgrade the place.

COVID Project Foundation

This foundation collects supplies and infection prevention elements for health personnel in the Chocó area (Colombia), where the pandemic has hit very hard. Hexacta partnered up with the donation of protective elements such as masks and other basic supplies.

Children’s Day collection

For Children’s Day we joined the NGO “De Todos Para Todos”  (From All to All) and organized the delivery of kits to children of the Las Flores neighborhood in Villa Martelli. Each kit contained sweets, a lunch box, educational toys, and a message of encouragement. Thanks to Hexacta and everyone’s contribution, 160 kids got a kit as a special gift for their day.

Hexacta social initiatives

Software projects to help amidst COVID-19

In parallel to these initiatives, we have kept on working with software development projects that aim to help the people most in need in Argentina. These are of great importance to us as it is our way of helping alleviate the effects of this global health crisis by providing our knowledge and technical expertise.

A preview of the "Dar Vida" app

We are working on the Dar Vida Project (Give Life Project), whose main objective is to encourage the participation of citizens in blood donation campaigns to solve an increasingly critical problem — the lack of blood and bone marrow donors, especially in these times of the pandemic.

We are currently working on the construction of an app that will alert users about the blood needs they might have, either because of their blood type or because of the proximity of the place that issues the order. Then, through the app, the user can sign up to donate. Once he/she does so, the donation center will register his/her desire so that the app will start a countdown of how many days remain until he/she is eligible for a new donation.

We are also working on the development of an online donation site for TECHO, an organization with which Hexacta has been working for several years, participating in the construction of emergency housing. Now, we have been called up to build a donation simulator so that people can see what the impact of their financial contribution would be.

The site offers the user the possibility to try out different values of monthly contributions, and based on this simulation, the impact of that contribution is translated into a percentage of a house, square meters of sidewalk, or percentage of a sanitary module. Once the user finds the best combination of its possibilities and the impact that it can generate, he/she can move to the next level, which is to load his/her credit card data to be debited.

These are just some of the projects and initiatives we have been committed to, but there are many more to come. We are aware of the immediate impact of COVID-19 on our community. That is the reason why we continue working closely to support those groups that have been most affected.

Together we can make the difference!

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